Items you should never pack in checked luggage – ‘don’t’

Simon Calder offers travel baggage advice

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Your checked bag should make it to your travel destination just as easily as you do, but sometimes things go wrong. Here are some items you should never put in your checked bag, according to a seasoned traveller.

Portable Professional took to YouTube to share the items holidaymakers should avoid packing in their checked luggage.

While your case will probably be absolutely fine during your next trip, some things are just better kept in your hand luggage.

It’s important that travellers do not pack anything in their checked bag that they cannot go without.

Bags will occasionally get lost or a flight delay may mean no access to your checked bag for a while, so travellers should keep that in mind.

Portable Professional stated: “You don’t want to be packing any medications in your checked bag.

“Prescriptions in particular should not be going in your checked bag because you may not be able to replace them in your destination country if the bag is lost.

“You may also unexpectedly end up needing this prescription medication while in transit.”

The travel whiz advised that holidaymakers expect the unexpected, as a delay can land you with an extended layover you didn’t see coming.

She continued: “Or, even worse, you arrive at your destination and your bags are delayed.”

There is also a small possibility that a bag could get lost on its journey to you and you could lose it for good, along with its contents.

But medication in your carry-on will not count towards your liquid limit, she explained.

Next, Portable Professional advised travellers against packing anything valuable in their checked bags.

She stated: “Don’t put anything with monetary or sentimental value in your checked bag.

“Again, things are stolen, things are damaged, bags are delayed and sometimes bags are even lost – forever.”

Two fundamental items to keep in your hand luggage and on your person are your bank card and house keys, according to Portable Professional.

The same goes for copies of travel documents in case your phone dies and you are asked for proof of having booked a flight or accommodation.

Travel expert Simon Calder reiterated that important items should never be packed in checked luggage.

He told the BBC Travel Show: “If you are flying then try to travel with cabin baggage only.

“It meets all known airline rules. You won’t need to queue up to check-in. There’s no chance of your bag being sent to the far side of the earth.”

He added that thinking ahead and opting for hand luggage only avoids having to wait around the luggage carousel after a long flight.

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