Jane McDonald shares her five ‘safari essentials’ to pack

Jane McDonald was back with a brand new travel series on Channel 5 – On Safari with Jane McDonald. The cruise ship singer was in Kenya, waking up at 4.30am to watch the sunrise, enjoying safari after safari to ensure she saw the big game five as well as plenty of other animals, and sleeping under the stars. For anyone else considering a safari, Jane shared her packing tips, and the “essential” clothes to take. 

Ahead of a sunrise game drive, Jane organised her “safari essentials”. 

She said: “When I was packing for this trip, I went online – you know, like everybody does these days, don’t they? 

“For the evening, a pashmina…shawl – you can do everything with this, you can make it fashionable and it’s right nice! 

“Boots! You need something that’s going to be sturdy and get your ankles covered due to the fact you don’t want insects getting in there,” she added. 

“Water bottle and you get these now – which are fantastic – you just press that button, and it should light up, it’s UV light so it kills everything in the water. 

“Protective clothing – now you can get these anywhere online, these are insect repellent trousers – there are no holes in them basically so they can’t get through.  

“And of course, coats,” Jane remarked. “This one folds up and you can use it as a pillow in the car on the way, or there’s this one with a fleece in it, something that’s just going to keep me cosy early in the morning when it’s cold and late at night when you’re coming back.” 

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One item Jane took with her to Kenya was her leopard print onesie. 

She explained why it was such a necessary item: “The temperature gets quite cool in Kenya at night, so I came prepared with my leopard-print onesie! 

“As the leopard is one of the fastest land animals, I thought that, if one saw me sleeping outside, they might run away from me!” 

The onesie was a great idea for when she had to sleep outside under the stars, and Jane spoke about that once-in-a-lifetime experience: “At one point, I looked up at the sky just full of thousands and thousands of stars; this whole carpet of diamonds just twinkling out, and I started thinking how insignificant we all are. 

“When you see something as grand as that, it is really emotional. Kenya was truly fabulous. I didn’t ever want to leave.”

As for what animals Jane saw on safari, she revealed: “I saw elephants, lions, a cheetah, a rhino, baboons, birds and the most graceful giraffes. 

“The hippos came to say ‘good morning’ too, which was incredible because they don’t usually come out of the water if there’s a baby hippo with them.” 

Jane also spoke about the sunrise she saw in Kenya, and how she heard the “roar of a lion first thing” which she described as “a fantastic wake-up call,” to What To Watch. 

Kenya is not the only place Jane visits during her new series, she also heads to Cape Verde where she said “if you’re a sun worshipper, it’s the place to go”.

Marrakech was also on her list, and the singer said it “was a revelation for me”, and described it as a “different world”. 

Viewers will also get to explore the Seychelles alongside Jane, in a later episode. 

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