Jet2 staff pull out all the stops to help 6-year-old search for missing teddies

Airline employees pulled together recently to find a young holidaymaker's lost teddy in a heartwarming display of customer service. Oliver Simpson from Heywood, Manchester, had just arrived at the hotel for a holiday with his parents, Jill and Stewart, in Costa de Almeria, Spain.

But, the family soon realised that that a bag containing Oliver’s much-loved teddies was missing. Anyone with children knows that the loss of a favourite soft toy could spell disaster for a holiday – and plenty of tears.

Mum and dad told the Jet2holidays customer helper about the missing bag and its precious cargo. Thankfully, they sprang into action to reunite Oliver with his teddies.

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Airport Customers Helpers, Enrique Juste Garcia and Angela Scott, worked together with Resort Customer Helpers, Martyna Kulaszewska and Christina Fischer, who all work for and Jet2holidays in Costa de Almeria, to track down the bears. Luckily, the teddies were found on the coach that had taken the family from the airport to their hotel.

The teddies had been found and secured by the Jet2 team, but then they had to bring them safely to their six-year-old owner. In a show of holiday magic, they decided to make it a memorable experience.

The team took the bears on an adventure at the airport and took photos of them having a drink in a café, helping to check in customers’ luggage and directing holidaymakers to their transfer coaches. Resort Customer Helper, Justina Tarvydaite told Oliver in a letter all about where his teddies had been while they were gone on their adventure.

Oliver was reunited with his bears at Almeria Airport on his departure back to the UK. He then happily flew home with his best fluffy friends on-board.

Oliver’s Mum, Jill, said: "When my son left his bag on the coach containing his teddies, and Jet2holidays literally went above and beyond to find and reunite Oliver with them! Not only did they locate his belongings, but they also showed Oliver the adventures his teddies went on whilst we were on holiday.

"This was magical and so thoughtful. My little boy was over the moon, and I even shed some tears! What a brilliant company with such caring staff."

Claire Hernandez, Destination Manager at Jet2holidays, said: "When the team heard the teddies were lost and how upset Oliver was, it was all hands-on deck to find them for him. I am immensely proud of how the team worked together to ensure Oliver and his family left feeling elated at the return of the teddies.

"Their reaction was priceless! It is very important to all of us at and Jet2holidays that each and every one of our customers feels like a VIP.

"The team work extremely hard to ensure our customers have a memorable holiday, and I feel immensely proud of the team’s achievements in Almeria. It never ceases to amaze me just how far they will go to make our customers happy!"

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