Kate Middleton: Etiquette she must follow on royal tours – what does she do in free time?

Kate Middleton must 'learn a lot' for royal visits reveals expert

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Kate Middleton has seen her life change dramatically since joining the Royal Family. One perk of the job is lots of travelling around the world. However, the Duchess of Cambridge has certain rules she has to follow when on state visits.

Express.co.uk spoke to Anne Chertoff, Chief Operating Officer of Beaumont Etiquette which runs a Duchess-themed etiquette course. 

Chertoff shared her insight into Prince William and Kate’s travels – can they do what they like when out of the public eye?

While the royal pair are obviously afforded a level of privacy on these trips, the reality, said the etiquette expert, is that they actually have very little time to themselves.

In short, there is not much opportunity to break away from the strict schedule.

Such state visits are very much for business and not for pleasure.

“As senior royals, they are travelling on behalf of the monarchy and will be seen as working,” said Chertoff.

“As they will be there professionally, they likely will take on the social role of professionals the entire trip.

“Most trips will be short and with the schedule packed, with very little time to do much other than the scheduled events.”

As for the etiquette Kate and William are expected to follow, their wardrobe does a lot of the talking.

It’s vital they are professionally dressed.

Their appearance as they arrive and depart is of particular importance.

“When travelling on an official trip, representing The Queen, members of the Royal Family are expected to dress professionally, whether on a train or aeroplane or another mode of transportation,” said Chertoff.

“We often see photographs or video of members of the Royal Family entering or exiting a plane during an official trip, so they are dressed professionally.”

Kate has an important sartorial part to play when visiting other countries.

In fact, it’s one of the differences in etiquette between the Duchess and her husband.

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge follow similar etiquette and protocol,” explained Chertoff.

“One area of difference is fashion.”

“We often see Prince William in a suit with or without a tie.

“The Duchess of Cambridge may honour the country or culture of the country she is in by wearing something made by a local designer or jewellery that represents the country, such as the Queen’s Canadian Diamond Maple Leaf Broach that she wore when the couple visited Canada. ” 

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