Livid passengers slam man with ‘most reclined seat in history’ on flight

A pair of brothers shared their annoyance at the "most reclined seat in history of aviation" on their recent flight.

The Pointer Bros, who share viral videos on TikTok, @thepointerbroithers_, racked up more than 4million views on their post.

The pair said that the behaviour was a “red card” and showed the problem in a clip.

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Under a caption that stated they were on a five hour flight home they showed the aisle of the aircraft with most passengers simply watching TV or chatting.

They then panned the camera around to show the man sitting in front of them.

He was wearing a large pair of headphones and had reclined his seat so far back that one of the brothers could not watch their television.

The seat leaned into his space and the back of the chair was touching his knees.

Jokingly, the brothers held up a red card such as those handed out by football referees to send a player off the pitch.

Later on, the reclined chair meant that the brother sitting behind him could not eat properly.

While his tray was down for the in-flight meal it stuck into his stomach due to the angle of the chair.

The video gained over 170,000 likes and plenty of comments – but not everyone was against reclining your chair.

One person wrote: “People that say they don’t recline must hardly ever travel! I travel all the time and long flights I will recline.”

“I paid for a reclining seat,” another added. “They are already uncomfortable as it is. If it takes up your space then recline your seat. Simple fix.”

A third noted: “I recline my seat every single time and never once have I been upset with the seat in front of me for reclining their seat…”

But, others took the opposite approach and thought reclining was rude.

One TikTok poster said: “Those seats should just not recline, it’s cramped enough and I already don’t have leg room.”

A second added: “Out of respect for the person behind me, I never recline.”

While a third wrote: “As a tall person when someone reclines it makes me wanna repeatedly kick their seat.

“Hate that it’s an option with the limited leg room.”

Do you think people should be able to recline their seats? Tell us if you recline or not in the comments…


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