Longest Non-Stop Flight Takes Off With Singapore Airlines

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If you hate layovers on long flights, you’ll be happy to know that the world’s longest commercial flight begun its journey from Singapore to New York City today.

Singapore Airlines. (photo via cookelma / iStock Editorial / Getty Images Plus)

Flight SQ22 took off at approximately 15:35 GMT with 150 passengers and a 17-member crew from Changi Airport. It is expected to last approximately 19 hours long and land at Newark Liberty International Airport.

This isn’t the first time Singapore Airlines has launched this route. In 2004, they offered the same route but had to cancel it in 2013 because the planes they had at the time, A340-500s, used too much fuel and became too expensive for the airlines to offer.

On today’s momentous flight, Singapore Airlines has upgraded to a long-range, twin-engine aircraft, the A350-900 ULR. The plane uses between 20-30% less fuel and can fly for about 20 hours non-stop. The A350-900 ULR is also designed with higher ceilings, larger windows, and a light system that reduces jetlag for customers.

Qatar previously held the longest commercial flight record with a 17.5-hour flight between Auckland and Doha. Qantas sits in third place now with a 17-hour non-stop route from Perth to London. With this Singapore to New York commercial flight, Singapore Airlines is celebrating a new travel opportunity for its customers.

While there are no economy bookings available on this route, Singapore Airlines is offering business class seats for SG 6940 (approximately $5,038) and premium economy seats for SGD 2240 (about $1,626). Premium economy ticket holders will be provided three meals and refreshments in between those meals on the 19-hour haul, while business class ticket holders will have two meals, refreshments in between, and a bed to sleep.

Before takeoff, Singapore Airlines told BBC that it was a mostly full flight with only a limited number of premium economy seats left, proving that there’s plenty of travelers who don’t mind being in the air for 19 hours (or the steep tickets associated with it).

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