Magaluf bars and clubs slapped with £1.5m in fines over rowdy tourism rules

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    Magaluf has long been a firm favourite with the party crowd, with millions flocking to the resort in Majorca every year.

    However, authorities have been cracking down on rowdy tourism – and subsequently has been handing out fines and punishments for rule breakers.

    In fact in recent months over 30 bars, clubs and booze cruises were issued with a whopping total of £1.5million in fines, reports the Mirror.

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    They were handed over on the basis of "excess tourism" laws with fines reaching £120,000 in some cases.

    Tourists themselves can also be handed penalties charged to the individual for antisocial behaviour such as being rowdy on the streets or balconing (jumping from hotel balconies into the swimming pool.

    The new laws were introduced to make Magaluf less of a free-for-all party destination – and there are plenty of new restrictions in place.

    Officials sparked outrage early this year by enforcing a new "six drinks a day" rule for all-inclusive holidays at resorts on several islands including Ibiza and Majorca.

    So, if you book a hotel in the area you will be limited in the alcohol you are given – even if you book all-inclusive.

    The new law will affect a number of hotels in the the Balearic Islands.

    It means tourists will be forced to pay extra money if they want more than a total of six drinks all to be served with their meals.

    That's three bevs at lunch and three at dinner instead of the free-flowing beers and cocktails Brits are used to gulping down on sunny beach holidays.

    British holidayer Jason Walker, 42, claimed he was left "angry" and "upset" by the restrictions when he discovered he hadn't read the fine print on his £240 holiday booking.

    Other new laws mean that supermarkets cannot sell alcohol after 9.30pm – which should stop holidaymakers grabbing a bottle or two cheaply to drink back at the hotel.

    Bar crawls have also been banned on the island.

    Usually, the activity is popular as drunken Brits trawl from venue to venue getting cheap drinks deals and shots as they go.

    This is no longer allowed though multi-ticketed events going from one club to another is still legal.

    Tourists will even have to sign a "good behaviour pledge" when heading to the island – and must abide by the code of conduct when out and about.

    Elsewhere in Majorca, business leaders in Playa de Palma said they were sick of "drunken tourism".

    In June, they slammed down hard on party fun by introducing new rules at a number of restaurants.

    If you do jet off to the holiday resort area you'll need to make sure you don't wear a football shirt, bikini top, strapless top, swimsuit or anything bought from the many vendors out on the streets.

    Anyone who does do this won't be allowed in to dine.

    As many as eight bars in Magaluf and Playa de Palma in Majorca were told to close their doors this summer for breaking the Decree Law on Excessive Tourism.

    Some of the rules for businesses that lead to possible closure include flogging booze outside of their approved hours.

    They can also be hit with cautions for the degrading treatment of women and for selling alcoholic drinks to underage people.


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