Matt Damon Had to Borrow a Suit for His Davos Speech After Swiss Air Lost His Luggage

What good is being a celebrity if it can’t get you out of the regular headaches us normal people have to deal with?

When speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Tuesday, Matt Damon wasn’t wearing his own clothing. In the opening remarks of a talk with Bloomberg, Damon mentioned that he had to borrow a suit because Swiss Air lost his luggage on the flight over.

But luckily, Damon told the crowd, his partner at, Gary White, has become such a good friend he was able to raid White’s suitcase to find a replacement for his missing clothing.

“The relationship has developed to the point where I’m wearing Gary’s clothes right now, because Swiss Air lost my bags,” Damon said in the talk. “So we’ve come a long way.”

The conversation progressed to things besides the lost luggage, mainly the organization’s philanthropic aims of providing clean water access to struggling communities around the world.

“It underlines everything,” Damon said. “All these issues of extreme poverty are affected by it. It really touches everything. You can’t solve any of these problems we’re talking about today — gender equality, climate change, all of these things — water touches all of them.”

Swiss Air did not immediately respond to Travel + Leisure’s request for comment.

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