Mesmerising photos show how magical the Netherlands can be in spring

Tulip fields, wildflower-filled forests and windmills in hazy light: Stunning images by a renowned landscape photographer show how magical the Netherlands can be in spring

  • Magical Spring in the Netherlands is a new collection of photos from acclaimed Dutch snapper Albert Dros
  • Dros takes photos around the world, but he turned his camera on his home country during the pandemic  
  • The showstopping images in the set were taken all around Holland across the springs of 2020 and 2021 

Spring has always been a popular time to visit Holland and a stunning new set of photographs by Dutch snapper Albert Dros confirms why. 

Entitled ‘Magical Spring in The Netherlands’, the collection showcases showstopping images of Holland’s famous tulip fields alongside shots of wildlife, wildflower-filled forests and windmills shot in the hazy spring light.

Dros has taken landscape photographs all over the world, from Kazakhstan to Dubai. During the pandemic, however, he refocused his attention on his home country, resulting in this album of breathtakingly beautiful shots.

‘Spring in the Netherlands is just so pretty because all of the flowers start to bloom,’ Dros told MailOnline Travel. ‘We have of course our famous tulips, but we also have a lot of wildflowers that bloom everywhere. 

‘Then there are all the animals everywhere. The horses in the fields, the birds, the baby sheep. That in combination with the soft magical morning light makes it like a fairy tale’.

Scroll down to see Dros’s magical collection of photographs.

Holland is famous for its windmills, but Dros revealed that the buildings are particularly stunning to photograph in the spring. He said: ‘The windmill parks are super-beautiful in spring because there are many flowers around all of the windmills’

You can find out more about Albert Dros’s work on his website –

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