Mum splits opinion over family holiday with plans to leave step-kids behind

A mum has divided opinions online after sharing a holiday dilemma – some people thought she was an “a**hole” while others agreed with her decision.

The anonymous parent posted on Reddit to ask for advice about her upcoming trip to Mexico.

She claimed that her parents had planned the holiday, which was due to take place over Christmas.

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The woman’s brothers could pay for themselves, but she could not afford the trip for her family – so her mum and dad offered to pay for her, her husband and her two children.

Unfortunately, this did not include her five step children…

The mum wrote: “My parents are planning a family vacation to Mexico at Christmas.

“My brothers are well off and can afford to pay for their own families to go. I cannot afford it so my parents offered to pay for me, my partner, and my two kids to go for a week.

“My partner has five kids from previous relationships.”

She continued: “They range in age from 13-23. We cannot afford to bring them all with us on this vacation.

“They will stay at home with their mom.

“AITA [Am I the a**hole] for taking my parents up on their offer to pay for us to go on the vacation and leave my step kids at home?”

In an additional comment she added: “The three younger kids (13, 15, and 17) live with their mom full time in another city about two hours away.

“We see them about once a month and sometimes they spend holidays with us, but not often. There is no formal visitation schedule.”

Hundreds of people liked and commented on the post – and the opinions were split.

Some thought the woman was in the wrong.

One poster said: “You’re the a**hole for the ones who are still kids.

“The adults could reasonably be expected to pay their own way if they came, but if your partner had custody at the time of the trip and went anyway, then that's kinda shi**y.

“However, I see it more on your partner in that case since while you should definitely be more considerate, they're the kids' guardian.”

While another added: “Her children shouldn't have to miss out on this trip, but why does her partner HAVE to go?

“If he's never taken his kids anywhere, it's pretty hurtful to them that he'd jet off with his new family and leave them behind.

“He should stay home and do something locally that is fun for them.”

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But, the majority stated she was not in the wrong.

A poster noted: “Maybe if it were one kid, but five is too many kids to expect your parents to fund. Especially the kids who are adults.”

While another added: “Coming from a foster kid who has been left out. Different people have different experiences.

“I would be honest sit down with the kids and let them know you love them. But you can't afford it.

“Don't deny opportunities for kids because others won't get that opportunity because life isn't fair.”

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