Mum turns economy seat into bed so kids can sleep on long haul flights

Frequent flyers are always looking for ways to make long-haul travel more comfortable – and keeping your kids happy is a major part of that.

While there are always toys, snacks and films to keep little ones busy a cranky, overtired child will always grumble.

So, it’s important to find ways to help your kids sleep on long plane journeys – especially those that span entire days in the sky.

Recently, we discovered a hack by mum Adele Barbaro which cost her just £104 and ensured she and her children could sleep on their 14 hour trip to Australia.

Adele managed to snag her family a Sky Couch as part of an upgrade available on Air New Zealand, which transforms a row of seats into a full flat bed that’s perfect for napping.

The SkyCouch turns the row into a full sized bed that fits adults and kids.

But, while the Sky Couch is the hack we all dream of it’s currently only available on a few airlines including Air New Zealand and All Nippon Air.

Luckily for parents though there’s a flight accessory which will let you turn an economy seat into a bed for small children so they can get some much-needed sleep while on-board.

Mum, Misty Kingma, shared her review of the Flyaway Inflatable Kids Bed for Planes on TikTok – and went viral.

Misty wrote: “Testing an inflatable kids bed on our 15 hour flight to Australia.

“This is the Flyaway Kids Bed. Lennox slept 7.5 hours and had a cosy place to play while he was awake. I call this a success.”

In the caption she added: “Highly recommend! Comes with a hand pump to inflate on the plane. Worth the investment!”

The Flyaway bed is formed of an inflatable mattress which has one inflatable stand below the base to that the bed is kept level while resting on economy seats.

It comes with a hand pump so you can inflate it on the plane.

The bed can be pricy at around $159 (£131) but may come in handy for long trips.

Misty’s video quickly went viral with over 7,000 comments and 19.9million views.

In the comments, one person said: “Do they have this for adults?”

“I need to save this for when I have kids in the future,” added another.

“Genius,” added another.

FlyWithABaby also reviewed the bed and said: "“It takes about 100 seconds to inflate. My four-and six-year-old both preferred the comfort and robustness of the flat, one-piece Flyaway mattress.”

They added that it allows the person in front to recline and comes with bolsters on the sides to stop kids rolling off the bed.

Unfortunately, as the seatbelt can’t be secured around the bed and it may block escape routes some airlines have banned the item – so check before you fly or buy.

A cheaper alternative is an inflatable foot stand which inflates to be even with the seat such as the Beleby Airplane Foot Rest which costs just £17.99 on Amazon.

This creates a larger, level surface area for little ones to lie on without restricting access to the seatbelt.

Another option is a foot hammock such as the BlueSkye, £14.99 Amazon, which hangs from your tray table to create a surface for resting your feet or legs while flying.

Always check the policy of the airline you are flying with to ensure that any comfort items or travel accessories are permitted before purchasing your seats.

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