New ‘macabre’ theme park ride promising ‘dark twists’ to open in 2024

A creepy new theme park ride is opening that promises to scare and delight riders.

Danse Macabre is a brand new attraction set to open in 2024 at the Efteling theme park in the south of Holland.

The park, built in 1952, has a huge range of rides set to a fairytale theme – and the latest spectacle will look towards the darker side of the tales.

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The resort hasn't shared too much yet, but promises that Danse Macabre will be filled with "dark twists" and will "have visitors dancing to the music after which the attraction is named".

The new ride is bound to give you a thrill with its unique set up…

A high turntable will be topped with six smaller rounds and six choir stalls for 108 guests to plonk themselves down on.

Then, the large turntable will rise, tilt and fall, and spin like a coin before it falls flat all while music blasts in your ears.

It’s sure to leave you shaky legged when you get off the ride to head to the other attractions.

Danse Macarbe will be added to Efteling as part of a while new land – a mysterious setting called Huyverwoud Forest.

The wooded are will be themed around all things creepy and haunting with additional entertainment and a terrifying cast.

Guests wanting to ride the new attraction will get a sneak preview of the Charlatan family and their remarkable barrel organ Esmeralda.

The Charlatan family has been travelling the world for generations.

After many years of travelling, Professor Dr. Virginie Charlatan and her husband Otto have finally moved to the creepy Huyverwoud Forest – and it feels like home to the not-quite-normal family.

Other incredible attractions at Efteling include – Holland’s largest theme park – include the huge dive coaster Baron 1898, a steel rollercoaster that spins you upside down called Python and a water coaster that plunges you from the castle walls.

There’s also a cursed Villa designed like an old European country home and a wooden coaster with an enormous dragon model to scare your socks off.

You can stay overnight on your trip to Efteling at the Efteling Hotel – and make it a stay to remember in their themed rooms.

A stay in the Flying Dutchman pirate themed south costs from €515 (£473) and sleeps four people.

The same price will let you stay in the fairytale Snow White or Cinderella suites – one of which is complete with a cauldron and pumpkin and the other with canopy beds.

There’s also the Coca Cola suite, the Circus suite which looks like a big top tent, the Carousel suite and the (W)underwater suite.

Those who want to feel like royals should stay in the gold-covered Gilded suite or the enchanting King’s suite.

Other themes rooms are based on include Hansel and Gretel, Wolf and the Seven Kids, Hans Christian Andersen, Sleeping Beauty and Little Red Riding Hood.

These suites cost from €481 (£414) a night.Park tickets cost from €38 (£32);


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