Nudists call for ban on ‘prudes’ who wear swimwear on naked beaches

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    Both the UK and Spain have more nudist beaches along the coast than many people would believe – and Spain’s sunny weather means the hotspots are very popular. The bays welcome holidaymakers and locals alike so long as they’re willing to strip off.

    In fact, over in Spain – where millions of Brits travel each year – the number of "textile" (that means clothed) people on nudist beaches is causing an uproar. Those who prefer a nude lifestyle in the Costa Brava, Catalonia are sick of their naked spaces being invaded.

    Nudists in the area have demanded action from the local government as they claim that each summer, crowds of holidaymakers in swimwear fill the naturist beaches and they’ve had enough.

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    Nudists also claim that clothed people have been shooting them judgemental and disapproving looks when they get their tackle out on the designated beaches. This makes the bum-baring naturists furious as they’re stripping off in their designated spaces and the clothed people are the ones in the wrong.

    Segimon Rovira, president of the Catalan Naturist Club, told La Vanguardia newspaper: "We don’t want to impose ourselves where people don’t feel comfortable with their nudity. But people have to know where they are going and integrate. If you come to a place with a naturist tradition, at least try it".

    Nudists now want clearer signage of nudist zones and information for tourists that warns them to strip off or move along. They want new civic agents placed on 60 naturist beaches to teach clothes people what to expect.

    Spanish law allows nudist on any beach and public swimming pools even allow toplessness as of a new equality law in 2020. Authorities can levy a fine of £430,000 to authorities who don’t allow women to go topless.

    It’s not the only area in Spain that has seen friction between nudists and tourists. There are two main nudist beaches within spitting distance of Benidorm’s famous strip – but you should be careful which one you choose as furious Spanish posters on TripAdvisor claim that tourists and ‘textiles’ aka clothed people have ruined the beach.

    A little way away from Benidorm is Platja Raco Del Conill, a small and quiet bay that is used by local nudists. One furious Alicante resident said: "A supposedly naturist cove but it is no longer. 90% textile that do not respect anything.

    "People with dogs, drinking, paddle-surfers invading everything that you can't even dive, swim or anything. With Music at full throttle on the same tables. INCREDIBLE !"

    While another added to the barrage and complained: "It was one of the jewels of the area for nudism. There was a lot of respect and cleanliness.

    "It has become a textile beach where there are 2% of people doing nudism which makes you feel uncomfortable. It is no longer a quiet beach where you can spend the day. Many people. People who bring dogs and shake on your towel. And worst of all, people taking photos all the time."

    So make sure you check the rules of the beaches you plan to go to. For those interested in skinny dipping, Spain is even home to Europe’s longest nudist beach.

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