Obscure rule could see Brit tourists fined £130 for popular holiday pastime

If you’re heading to Spain this summer, it’s worth knowing that quite a few everyday holiday activities are now against the law – and can land you with a hefty fine.

It’s easy to understand why having sex on the beach might land you with a 750-Euro fine in Benidorm, but building a sandcastle is also against the rules – and could cost you €150 (£130).

Similarly, enjoying a cold beer or trying to catch a fish is against the rules on Benidorm’s popular beaches – with fines of €750 (£630) to deter anyone from trying.

Most mystifying of all, having a wee in the sea is also illegal – although it’s not clear how that rule might be enforced.

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Evelyn Kelly, manager of BB's Bar in Benidorm, told the Telegraph that she thought the “clean beaches” crackdown was excessive.

She said: ”It's a bit extreme. People do these things when they are on holiday and as long as they don't bother anyone else should be allowed to.

”No sandcastles? And trying to stop people from peeing in the sea – how are they going to police that one?”

Sandcastles are also not allowed in Arona and Arica in Tenerife.

A number of popular Spanish tourist destinations, including Barcelona and the Canary Islands, also ban smoking on the beach, with fines ranging up to £1,700.

The rules have been brought in to preserve the resorts’ European Blue Flag status, which is only awarded to the cleanest beaches in Europe.

Administrators say that large obstruction such as sandcastles and piles of beer cans can make it hard for the cleaners who come along to clean the beaches every night.

Josefa Perez, the councillor in charge of Benidorm's beaches, explained: With the beach so busy during the night it became very difficult to clean it properly and people were complaining.

"The [cleaning] machines came across so many obstacles that they couldn't do their job."


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