Oprah Might Be Getting an Airport Named After Her

You get a flight to Oprah, you get a flight to Oprah and you get a flight to Oprah!

A Nashville councilwoman has proposed renaming the Nashville International Airport to the Oprah G. Winfrey Nashville International Airport.

Although Oprah was born in Mississippi, she got her career start in Nashville, after graduating from Tennessee State University. In honor of the star’s local roots, Councilwoman Sharon Hurt wrote letters to Nashville Mayor David Briley and the current airport board chairman, Dexter Samuels, to request the name change.

“I think it’s a grand opportunity for us to recognize someone of Oprah’s stature,” Hurt said in an interview with USA Today.

However, it’s not the city council who will make the final decision but rather airport authority. The board has said that to name the airport after Oprah would go against airport policy. The current policy states that in order to change the airport name, the honoree must have made a “substantial contribution” to either the Nashville International Airport or the field of aviation. (The airport board must have forgotten that time Oprah appeared on an episode of 30 Rock and dispensed her wisdom from a plane.) The honoree must also have been deceased for at least two years for the change to be made.

“Both the president/CEO of the authority and I agree that Ms. Winfrey’s achievements and accolades are too numerous to recite,” Samuels wrote in a letter, “however, renaming the airport after Ms. Winfrey does not meet the criteria established by the (airport authority).”

The board does have the ability to overturn the rule but, as of yet, no proposal has been made.

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