Pack with military precision and you’ll save loads of space in your luggage

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Pack with military precision and you’ll be guaranteed to save loads of space in your luggage.

Forget the normal roll when it comes to packing a suitcase – that’s so last year! This “ranger roll” technique is the newest space-saving tip when it comes to packing.

TikToker Remy, (@remyeasterling) patiently demonstrates how to perfect the technique.

In the video, we see him taking a shirt, making sure it’s as flat as he can possibly make it. Remy then takes the sides and folds in the sleeves. Then it folds up the hem about three inches. More on that later.

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Now the t-shirt is an oblong shape. He makes sure it’s as smooth as possible.

Next step, he folds the t-shirt over in half. Then the tricky bit begins. Starting at the neck end he rolls it as tightly as he can.

When he’s finished the t-shirt ends up no larger than a pair of folded socks. Back that that hem he turned in. He used it to loop around the roll making it completely secure and keeping it in place. 

It’s an art used by the military to fit all their kit into their huge backpacks. This act might be a bit fiddly, and remind many viewers of the Japanese art of origami, but one thing is for sure, you will save acres of space when it comes to packing your clothes.

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It works on any item of clothing; from shirts to socks and underwear, as long as you can ‘tuck’ them into themselves.

Once you’ve mastered it, you’ll never lay anything flat in your suitcase again. One viewer wrote:  “I always do this whenever I go on a vacation or swimming it’s very convenient”.

Another said: “Packing like this has changed my life. Been doing it for years. I save so much space and get to pack more stuff”.

A couple of viewers were a little more skeptical: “Isn’t it the same mass and volume so you’ll just have the same amount in a suitcase in a different way?”

While another was worried that their clothes would come out all “wrinkled and creased”. 

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