Paranormal investigator says most historic hotels are ‘active’ with ghosts

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    A paranormal investigator has spoken up about why so many hotels are haunted.

    She claims that historic hotels and inns are often lively with “active” ghosts because the spirits have “trauma”.

    Jade Capasso, 30, from Scotland, is a ghost hunter who shares her exploration of haunted buildings on her Instagram and YouTube channels, @ghostclubparanormal.

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    Previously, she opened up about her scariest haunted hotel experiences – from bloody handprints to demonic temples.

    The ghost hunter told Daily Star: “I've found most historic hotels are active with residual energy from years of people passing through.

    “Residual hauntings are usually linked to emotional or traumatic events and a lot of haunted hotel rooms will have a story, where a murder or something of that nature has occurred.”

    The ghost-loving influencer uses a combination of kit to detect spiritual activity on her travels – what Jade calls the “ghost hunting basics”.

    Jade explained: “I carry [an] REM POD, KII meters – they will detect any disruptions in the electromagnetic field and I use them to make direct contact by asking spirits to touch these devices for yes/no questions. If it lights up, the answer is yes.

    “I also have incorporated sensory deprivation into my investigations for more specific answers.

    “How it works is, I will sit blindfolded wearing noise cancelling headphones hooked up to my spirit box so all I can hear is white noise.

    “I’ll have a partner who is asking the questions and I'll repeat the words I hear come through my device.

    “I’ve had absolutely amazing results using this method and can really piece together a spirits life story.”

    When discussing the trauma felt by spirits at hotels, Jade claims the buildings themselves retain the “energy” of the event.

    She noted: “The materials such as walls, floors and furniture all retain the energy from that event and it plays on a loop which explains the recurring paranormal activity.

    “In these instances, it's impossible to make communication with these "spirits" as they don't know you're there…so that should help you sleep at night if you find yourself in a haunted hotel.”

    Jade even says that she’s seen and heard ghostly spectres.

    She told the Daily Star: “Just last week I heard a disembodied voice that almost sent me running. It happens more often on investigations than people may think.

    “As far as apparitions, I have seen two.

    “My cameraman had to leave the investigation early as five deep scratches had appeared on his back out of nowhere. I understand now that was a warning sign, but I chose to continue on.

    “I was investigating the basement when the word ‘light’ came through on my spirit portal (a device that sweeps through white noise and radio frequencies).

    “In that moment, my night vision light turned off by itself, leaving me with very little light to find my way around.

    “As I look up I saw a woman standing in front of me with long black webbed hair.

    “Her chin was down and her eyes were looking up at me staring.”

    Jade’s favourite haunted hotel is The Mizpah hotel in Tonapah, Nevada.

    She explained: “The hotel itself was built in 1907 and although it's been renovated for comfort, it still holds its historic charm.

    “The first time I stayed there was in passing and I really wasn't expecting to have a paranormal experience.

    “I booked into the infamous room 502 which is said to be haunted by a lady in red.

    “Within five minutes of being there, the bathroom door handle turned slowly by itself and the door opened wide.

    “Since then I've been infatuated by this hotel and have been back many times to investigate. It never disappoints.”

    There are a number of rooms to enjoy at the Mizpah – the Lady in Red room Jade stayed in contains a plush curtained bed and vintage style with chandelier and couch.

    While the Wagon Room’s iconic bed has wheels just like its namesake so you’ll feel like a Western desert rancher.

    Other suites have tasteful decor in a turn-of-the-century style that oozes old world charm.

    You can book a stay at The Mizpah from £109 on or though the hotel’s website;


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