Passenger gets private jet experience for £59 as only 3 people board Jet2 flight

A holidaymaker claims he was “shocked” to land a private jet-like experience for just £59 last month.

Jak Scott booked a commercial flight with Jet2 from Edinburgh in Scotland to Skiathos in Greece departing on September 30.

The cheap flight cost him just £59 which is already a pretty good deal.

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But, upon boarding, Jak discovered he was one of only three passengers on the plane.

While there have been similar instances in the past with passengers discovering they get a flight to themselves, it was the "first time" it had ever happened to Jak.

He told EdinburghLive that he was surprised when nobody approached the boarding gate at final call.

He said: "With today's rising costs etc I was pretty shocked when I got on my flight to Greece on Friday as it was only myself and two other passengers onboard.

"I got to the gate early was confused why no one else was going through, it wasn't until they did the final call I got up and went to the desk, and the service agent walked me to the aeroplane door and told me it's only me and two other people.

“I thought it was some sort of strange joke until I entered the plane.”

And, because there were so few people on the flight he was treated like royalty.

Jak was served his food and drinks almost immediately and had flight attendants waiting on just him and the two other passengers.

He said: “I travel regularly and have heard about this a couple of times before but this is the first time I've ever experienced a flight so empty myself.

“I got served pretty much after the seat belt sign went off after take off. Staff mentioned it could have been to do with holidays but I find it really bizarre though as the ticket was only £59."

It’s not the first time a holidaymaker has reported similar treatment.

Kai Forsyth, from Derby, says he had the "weirdest experience" on a British Airways flight as the only passenger flying from London to Orlando and it came with many perks.

He said: "The cabin crew said I was the only person onboard the flight."

Kai put all the armrests down and made a comfy bed out of four free seats.

"It was eight hours so I set up a bed. Literally the comfiest I've ever been on a plane," he noted.

Kai also was given a wholesale box full of Walkers shortbread biscuits since there was nobody else to cater for.

"They literally gave me all the snacks and unlimited food," he wrote.

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