Pilot exposes common mistake that slows down boarding

Airline pilot, Patrick Smith, exposed the common error many British tourists make when they board a plane. He warned eshores the mistake will make the boarding process take longer.

Patrick said: “When your flight is called for boarding, resist the urge to stand up and get in line immediately. In the past, people stayed in their seats until their row or zone was called.

“Nowadays, when the first pre-boarding call is announced, two hundred people instantly stand up and form a mob, blocking the way for those passengers whose zones are actually being called.

“People are forced to literally elbow and shove their way to the front. It’s madness, and there’s no need for it.

“Standing in line does not get you on the plane any faster. On the contrary, it makes the already tedious boarding process take longer.”

Patrick said the “tedious” boarding process could take even longer if passengers push to board.

On many airlines, passengers are allocated a zone of the plane depending on where their seat is located.

Airport staff will then call passengers to board by zone to try to keep the boarding process orderly.

If passengers attempt to board the plane before their zone is called, they could create chaotic scenes.

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On some budget airlines, passengers worry if they don’t board first there won’t be space in the overhead lockers for their case.

However, airport staff are unlikely to let them board before their zone is called so it’s better to wait.

A flight attendant, Kamila Jakubjakova, also shared her advice for passengers travelling by plane.

She said: “Due to different air pressure and dry air inside the aeroplane, our sense of smell reduces roughly by 20 percent and so does the sensitivity of our taste buds, making the food taste blander.

“Therefore, the aircraft food is often oversalted. For this reason, I prefer to bring my own snacks when I fly.”

Air pressure in a plane can affect the taste of food which could be the reason many people don’t like aeroplane food.

Meals are often over salted so passengers can taste the food but this may be too strong for some passengers.

Guests could pack some of their own snacks to eat on the plane to avoid eating the aeroplane food.

However, it’s best not to bring packaged nuts in case one of the passengers onboard has an allergy.

Many flight attendants say that tomato juice tastes a lot better in the air than on land. The drink is usually served on planes.

Passengers can order the juice as part of a Bloody Mary cocktail or just add salt and pepper for a non-alcoholic version.

Some flight attendants also advise passengers to avoid water on planes as the containers are rarely cleaned.

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