Plane passenger uses ‘unethical’ cabin trick to stop people reclining seats

A plane passenger has revealed how they stop people in front of them from reclining their seats – but it's proving a controversial trick.

Whether or not to recline your plane seat is often a hot debate, as it usually means you're limiting the amount of space the person behind you can enjoy. Not to mention flight attendants have said it can be dangerous to recline at certain points during a flight.

However one passenger has divided opinion after revealing that they always use the same trick when someone in front of them reclines their seat.

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TikTok user @thelkshow recently posted a video of what they described as an "unethical life hack", with the clip focused on the air con vent above their plane seat.

In the accompanying caption they wrote: "Unethical life hack. When you are on a flight and the person in front reclines their seat all the way and leaves you no room. Turn on the air con above you on full blast and point it at the top of their head."

They added: "The plane ride is so long when you get one of these people in front of you".

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Some people were quick to weigh in on the annoying habit of reclining, and praised the move.

One person wrote: "Unethical? I think this is completely reasonable."

Another said they "wish [they had] done this" after a passenger reclined in front of them and, when confronted, told them "the seats move that far back for a reason". They added that unfortunately this left them "squashed the whole flight".

Others admired the petty revenge aspect and shared their own moves. "Love the pettiness of it all," wrote one person while another added, "I just kick the seat if they do!".

However some people were not against reclining in general, but felt there need to be clearer rules. One person suggested: "There should be times throughout long-haul flights where reclining is not allowed, like when it's time to eat."

Others were clearly annoyed at the prospect of not being allowed to recline their seat, with multiple people claiming that they'd welcome the air blast to help them sleep.

"I'm reclining, thanks for the extra air, it helps me sleep," one person joked.

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Others were adamant that the reclining feature means it's fair game.

One passenger wrote: "Seats are meant to recline. Recline your seat or upgrade to an area with more leg room."

Another agreed: "Honestly there's no argument here. The seats recline, you can use that feature if you choose or not to. The real argument is armrests."

Meanwhile, some passengers questioned why there needed to be any revenge, instead suggesting that the passenger could simply ask the person in front to slightly reduce the incline.

Do you think it's acceptable to recline your seat on a plane? Let us know in the comments below.


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