Queen Camilla’s favourite childhood island where holidays cost £314

Ischia, a stunning volcanic island off the coast of Italy, was a favourite of Queen Camilla when she was younger and is again gaining popularity with Britons. In May, holidays for seven nights may be had for as little as £314 per person.

Ischia, made famous by Camilla, the wife of King Charles, has recently gained popularity as a different Mediterranean holiday spot.

On the Beach has seen a 300 percent increase in bookings to Ischia in just three months, likely due to its proximity to a member of the Royal Family.

Queen Camilla has gone on record saying she adored her family holidays to the lovely getaway as a young girl.

Later in life, she also brought her own children Laura Lopes and Tom Parker Bowles for holidays there.

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Ischia, which is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea at the northern tip of the Gulf of Naples, is only 19 miles from the Italian mainland and 36 miles from the airport in Naples.

The Queen Consort told her son Tom, who is a food critic for You Magazine: “Every year, we went on holiday to the island of Ischia, just off Naples.

“There were endless lunches of vitello al limone [veal escalope with lemon], fried zucchini, lots of fresh fish and pasta.

“It instilled a lifelong passion for Italian food.”

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Ischia, which has a population of 62,000 people and is 19 square miles in size, is a hub of activity with some of the most picturesque views and stunning architecture.

The island welcomes six million people annually, the majority of them are travellers from Italy’s mainland and can take flights in less than three hours from the UK.

Approximately 500,000 people have ancestry in other European nations, including the UK. The number of Britons who are fans of the island are rising quickly.

The island, which is volcanic and famous for its thermal springs, has one of the biggest spas in Europe and attracts tourists from all over the world seeking a wellness holiday.

The Ischia Film Festival, an annual international film festival held on the island in the summer, is just one example of its rich cultural heritage. Some of the 1963 Elizabeth Taylor movie Cleopatra was filmed there.

Ischia Porto, the busiest town on the island, has a wide variety of restaurants, including ones on La Riva Destra, beside the harbour, and along Via Roma’s shopping district.

Delicious regional cuisine will excite visitors’ taste buds, including freshly caught fish and authentic Italian specialities.

Depending on people’s taste, they can wash food down with a sparkling, tangy local white or a robust red.

There are plenty of reasons to drink wine in Ischia, as the four vineyards on the island produce seven distinct varieties of wine.

Ischia and Ibiza have similar latitudes, so tourists may experience sunsets that rival those on the Balearic Islands.

Tourists won’t need to spend a fortune to stay in Ischia because a room at the Loreley Hotel for instance starts at just £314 per person for a week.

Its bright, spacious balconies, close proximity to a long, sandy stretch of Maronti beach, and on-site thermal pool make this a stunning hotel that guests will be reluctant to leave.

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