RVShare.com ranks the best spots to enjoy year-round camping, from San Diego to Orlando

The most googled question this week by would-be campers: what campgrounds are open?

That one is simple enough, yet hard to answer.

Campgrounds that can keep up with fluctuating COVID-19 health and safety guidelines are open for business. Seasonal campgrounds are in hibernation mode and won’t likely reopen till spring.

Other sites around the country are either partially restricted or closed entirely due to pandemic mitigation efforts. For instance, campsites at a dozen national forests in California, including Sequoia National Forest and Sierra National Forest, are closed until Jan. 29).

While camping has not returned to normal, the demand remains high for close-to-nature escapes, where social distancing is less arduous. Even as we head into the cooler months, families are yearning for activities outdoors. They just want to pitch a tent and roast marshmallows with the kids.

So, where do all these would-be travelers want to set up camp? RVshare.com, a recreational vehicle marketplace for renters, compiled a list of the eight most searched destinations for camping enthusiasts this season.

8. San Diego

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