Ryanair, easyJet and more have strict rules about Christmas crackers on flights

We’re just days away from December 25 and celebrating Christmas with friends and family.

If you have family abroad or live in another country yourself you may be planning on getting some British festive treats to enjoy elsewhere.

A classic part of the UK Christmas dinner is pulling Christmas crackers.

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After all, nothing starts off the meal like a ‘bang’ and watching everyone plonk a crown on their head before tucking in.

Unfortunately, though the crackers may seem like innocent fun, some airlines consider them to be dangerous or explosives!

This means you could end up in trouble if you bring them to the airport, although some rules do seem to depend on the airline.

easyJet allows you to bring two sealed boxes – in original packaging – in your hand luggage, while British Airways only allows this in your checked bag.

But, if you’re flying from certain airports like Gatwick and Stansted you can’t bring any crackers at all as they’ve banned them.

As for Ryanair and Norwegian, they won't allow crackers to be packed at all.

You cannot take any Christmas crackers on flights departing to the US.

If you do think you can bring crackers after checking the rules at your airport and your airline as well as the rules of your destination make sure you understand the fine print.

Those who do allow you to bring the crackers have strict rules, including factors such as needing the boxes to be made by a commercial manufacturer, and being sealed before and throughout your journey.

Handmade crackers are banned on pretty much every flight.

Also be aware that if any of the items inside the crackers are banned the whole box could be taken from you.

If the gifts are scissors, screwdriver sets, lighters or other sharp or flammable items you’ll likely lose the lot.

You can check the details on the back of the box which usually lists the presents to expect once you've pulled them apart.

Here are the rules you must follow on some airlines:

easyJet: You can bring up to two boxes max per person, provided these are packed in manufacturer's original packaging. These can be in your hand luggage or checked luggage. Find out more on theeasyJet website .

British Airways: Yes, but only in checked bags – you won't be allowed them in hand luggage. The airline's website states that crackers must be commercially manufactured (homemade crackers are not permitted) and must be for personal use only. Max two sealed boxes per person in the original packaging. Find out more on theBritish Airways website .

Ryanair: No. Ryanair won't allow these in either checked or cabin bags because they consider these to be dangerous goods. The airline also recommends you avoid wrapping presents as these may be unwrapped through airport security. Find out more on theRyanair website .

Jet2 : 12 small or 6 large crackers in their original retail packaging checked baggage only. Find out more on the Jet2 website.

Flying to the US?

It’s important to be aware that if you are flying to the United States you cannot take crackers on any airlines.

According to aph.com, a spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration said: “These items are prohibited from flying in checked or carry-on bags.

“They are flammable and should not be brought on airplanes.

“They fall in the same category as sparklers and fireworks.”

In short – always check with your airline and airport before flying with Christmas crackers.


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