Ryanair found to be ‘worst’ airline for sneaky ‘upgrades’

Checking in at the airport, taking cabin luggage on board or seat choice are costing passengers dear. Ryanair charges £55 to check in at the airport, while checking in a bag could cost £50 each way online or up to £60 at the airport.

Such sneaky “drip pricing” is common. NetVoucherCodes, a money-saving website, found 89 percent of all airlines charge for at least one additional item with this rising to 97 percent among European carriers.

But budget flier Ryanair emerged as levying the most for extras. It costs £11.91 from London Stansted to Milan taking just a small bag.

But add a checked-in bag, sports equipment and insurance and you will pay £169.07 or 1,320 percent more. A 10kg suitcase to fit in an overhead locker costs an additional £23, while a 20kg checked-in bag is £78.

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It is £50 to bring a musical instrument and £60 to take a bike, with insurance at £19.16 per person.

Ruth and Peter Jaffe, aged 79 and 80 respectively, were charged £110 at Stansted after accidentally checking in for their inbound journey rather than the outbound one.

They fell foul of Ryanair’s deadline to complete the process within two hours of departure time. The airline’s boss Michael O’Leary said he felt “sympathy” for them but said ticket desks cost “a fortune”.

Mr O’Leary said: “We don’t want the money, we just don’t want anybody showing up at the airport without having checked in online.”

The Department for Business and Trade was asked to conduct a review of drip selling. Citizens Advice, the independent consumer watchdog, wants to see “new fit-for-purpose regulations and clear obligations” for airlines when it comes to website or app design.

The Civil Aviation Authority said: “Airlines are obligated to clearly display prices for additional options and services, allowing consumers to compare fees and make an informed decision.”

Ryanair was contacted for a comment.

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