‘Safety issue’ Flight attendant shares really ‘frustrating’ action passengers do

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Long-haul flights can be difficult for some passengers. It can be hard to spend such a long time on a plane.

One passenger said on Reddit: “I have a lot of flight anxiety and it always makes me have to pee when I’m on the plane.

“The pilot announced that he was going to be leaving the seatbelt sign on for the duration of our flight due to ‘potential turbulence’.

“I started to get up to use the bathroom, and the flight attendant rudely and angrily motioned to me to sit back down.

“When she walked by my seat a few minutes later, I asked again nicely if I could use the bathroom and she said when we were at the gate with the seatbelt sign off.

“Was this okay for the flight attendant to deny me access to the lavatory for the entire flight?

“It just seems so inhumane. I didn’t want to argue with her or disobey her because I know that can get me in trouble.”

While the rules might seem harsh, one flight attendant stepped in to answer the passenger’s question.

They said: “Yes, it is a safety issue for you to be standing up. People stand up on me all the time and it does get frustrating.

“If you had explained it was an emergency then maybe she would have let you go to the bathroom.”

During turbulence it can be dangerous to stand up on the flight and cabin crew need to make sure passengers stay seated.

The attendant added: “She (the attendant) probably had a really tough day, we get people trying to stand up during critical phases of flight a lot.”

Flight attendants can work very long hours which could explain why the member of the cabin crew was a bit snappy.

Several Reddit users said they were scared of experiencing turbulence and feared flying due to it.

One asked: “How many times in your career have you experienced severe turbulence? Like, tossing about, loss of control, or sudden abrupt changes in altitude?”

The attendant said: “Out of 100 flights, once. Turbulence in general isn’t super common unless you’re landing or taking off, the majority of my flights are smooth.”

While it can feel scary for passengers, experts say the plane is never moving as much as it feels like.

During turbulence the pilot may make an announcement and the seatbelt lights will come on, directing passengers to their seats.

The attendant said: “It’s not an issue with the aeroplane at all, just uncomfortable.”

They added that passengers should tell the cabin crew if they have a fear of flying when they board the plane.

This means that the crew will check on the passenger more frequently and try to calm their nerves.

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