Simon Calder warns tourists not to wrap presents

Simon Calder explains why tourists shouldn't wrap their presents before flying

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Simon was speaking to Ranvir Singh on ITV’s Lorraine. He warned tourists to be careful about presents this Christmas.

Simon told Ranvir: “Critically make sure you haven’t wrapped any presents.

“I used to work on security at Gatwick and if you come along with your presents wrapped up in your cabin baggage, I might have to undo all your careful wrapping and have a look and see what’s inside.

“So please don’t wrap your presents before, if you’re putting them in your cabin bag.”

Ranvir exclaimed: “That’s annoying, isn’t it!” Airport security may have to unwrap tourists’ presents if they are stopped for extra checks on their bag.

Tourists could get around this by putting any wrapped presents in their hold luggage where it is less likely to be unwrapped.

However, travellers will then have to contend with longer queues at check in and may run the risk of losing their luggage.

Tourists can drop off their hold luggage the night before using a Twilight service at some airports to escape the queues.

If tourists do want to bring presents in their cabin bag, they could leave time to wrap them after clearing security.

Simon also reminded tourists that new rules on liquids in hold luggage won’t be in place until 2024.

Several of the UK’s major airports are planning to switch to new CT scanners which will make life easier for tourists.

Once the security scanners are in place, tourists should be able to take liquids of up to two litres in their cabin bag.

Currently, tourists can only take products up to 100ml in size and must carry them in one clear plastic bag.

Tourists can only have one plastic bag per person and should remove it from their bag at security.

Once the new scanners are in operation, tourists should also be able to keep electronic devices such as laptops in their bag.

The scanners are already in use at several major airports in the USA and should make the security process run more smoothly.

However, the target date for installation isn’t until 2024, so British tourists still have a while to wait.

Hand luggage security rules

  • Tourists can only carry one lighter onboard which should be in a resealable plastic bag
  • Tourists should try to food items and powders in their hold luggage as they may need to be checked manually at hand luggage security
  • Tourists can’t take liquids larger than 100ml through security unless they meet a special requirement
  • Tourists must put liquids in a clear resealable bag which must not be knotted or tied at the top
  • The bag should be approx 20x20cm and each traveller can have one

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