Taking a road trip this winter? Don’t drive off until you go through this checklist

For anyone experiencing wanderlust after being cooped-up over the holidays, a winter road trip can be a safe way to scratch that travel itch, even during the pandemic. Before you head out, though, check the COVID risk level along your route and review the AAA COVID-19 travel restrictions map. And no matter the number of days or distance of your road trip, be sure you – and your car – are ready to drive in the snow.

Driving anywhere in the cold weather and winter months requires special considerations. We spoke with Elizabeth Carey from AAA Western and Central New York to find out her best tips for cold weather road trips. 

Travel restrictions by state:  Which areas still require COVID tests or quarantines?

1. Know Before You Go

Before anything else, it’s important to know where you’re going. Are you heading into an area that’s prone to lake effect snow? What’s the weather forecast during your trip? Check the National Weather Service website for area road conditions, including regional winter weather advisories and storm watches, and download a good weather app to make sure you’re prepared. 

2. Test your car’s battery

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