The 20 breakfast fails that annoy Brits the most revealed

The 20 breakfast fails that annoy Brits the most revealed, from ‘overcooked dippy eggs’ to ‘cremated bacon’. And Instagram photos reveal how very wrong this simple meal can go…

  • The ranking has been generated by a poll of 2,000 Britons 
  • A sixth of Brits polled were happy to post their #breakfastfails to social media 
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The 20 most incendiary breakfast fails for Brits have been revealed – and burnt toast tops the ranking.

In a survey of ‘very British and relatable breakfast fails’, burnt toast received 48 per cent of the vote, ‘overcooked dippy eggs’ came second with 34 per cent and ‘cremated bacon’ third with 23 per cent.

Fourth was ‘soggy cereal’ (22 per cent), while 18 per cent said finding egg shell in scrambled eggs infuriated them the most.

The rest of the top ten in a the poll of 2,000 Britons by the New York Bakery Co comprises ‘rock-hard butter that breaks the toast’ (17 per cent), ‘milk added to a teabag before hot water’ and ‘undercooked, flabby bacon’ in joint seventh place (16 per cent), and ‘dry scrambled eggs’ and ‘instant coffee’ in joint eighth place (14 per cent).

Watery poached eggs (12 per cent), stodgy porridge (11 per cent) and being served a big slimy mushroom on the side of their fry-up (five per cent) also leave Britons disappointed.

The 20 most incendiary breakfast fails for Brits have been revealed – and burnt toast tops the ranking, according to a poll of 2,000 Britonsby the New York Bakery Co. This picture was posted to Instagram by ‘801applepie’

Meanwhile, one in 20 say the most annoying breakfast fail is having beans on the same plate as their fry-up, and not in a separate ramekin.

Yet despite being regularly disappointed with their breakfast, 71 per cent would not dream of complaining about one that was below par, with one in three (27 per cent) insisting it is simply not the done thing.

However, a sixth of Brits (16 per cent) were happy to post their #breakfastfails to social media, with hilarious results, as we’ve shown here.

Even though there were plenty of complaints, two thirds (66 per cent) agree that when done well, breakfast is the best meal of the day.


1. Burnt toast – 48 per cent

2. Overcooked dippy eggs – 34 per cent

3. Cremated bacon – 23 per cent

4. Soggy cereal – 22 per cent

5. Egg shell in your scrambled eggs – 18 per cent

6. Rock-hard butter that breaks the toast – 17 per cent

7= Milk added to a tea bag before hot water – 16 per cent

7= Undercooked, flabby bacon – 16 per cent

8= Dry scrambled eggs – 14 per cent

8= Instant coffee – 14 per cent

9= Cold baked beans – 12 per cent

9= Watery poached eggs – 12 per cent

10. Stodgy porridge – 11 per cent

11= UHT milk in little packets – 10 per cent

11= Slimy egg white on your fried egg – 10 per cent

12. Limp toast soldiers – 6 per cent

13= Half an undercooked tomato with your full English – 5 per cent

13= A big slimy mushroom with your fry-up – 5 per cent

13= Beans on the same plate as your fry-up – 5 per cent

14. Breakfast smothered in ketchup or brown sauce – 4 per cent

Source: New York Bakery Co 

‘Cremated bacon’, illustrated here by Instagram user ‘gordondadsay’, comes third in the breakfast fails ranking

A sixth of Brits (16 per cent) are happy to post their #breakfastfails on social media

Breakfast is a simple meal… in theory. Two thirds (66 per cent) agree that when done well, it is the best meal of the day. The questionable breakfast above was posted to Instagram by ‘juliehoffman1004’

The ‘duchessofws’ posted this picture, writing: ‘Made myself a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, red and yellow bell peppers, onions, and feta cheese – added a little salt, then a little pepper… oops’

Making time for it is the issue, with almost half (44 per cent) saying they are usually too rushed for breakfast during the week, and 69 per cent saying it is usually a hurried, chaotic affair.

According to the stats, Brits would love their weekday breakfasts to be more like their weekend ones, with eight in ten (79 per cent) preferring weekend brunches because they have more time.

Alastair Unite, from the New York Bakery Co, said: ‘We know that weekday family breakfasts can be pretty chaotic. It’s something we can all relate to. Burned toast, slimy eggs and cold beans – we’ve all been there – and shared a laugh or two along the way.

‘But we also know that people want to make more of breakfast. The research shows that over half of Brits wish they could spend more mealtimes together, with a further 53 per cent agreeing that some of their best memories are created over breakfast.

‘There’s something special about breakfast and the feelings it creates. That’s why it’s time to ditch plain old toast and shake things up with bagels, the toast of New York.’

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