The best city in Spain for retired British expats has a ‘fantastic climate’

Whether it’s sunny weather, a healthy Mediterranean diet or a more relaxed lifestyle that attracts them, many Britons dream of retiring in Spain.

Over 130,000 Britons over the age of 60 live in Spain and many of them choose to retire by the coast. However, there are several cities that are ideal destinations for older expats.

According to a recent study, Alicante region on Spain’s Costa Blanca coast has the highest number of British residents. Benidorm is the country’s most “British” city with plenty of pubs and restaurants catering to UK tastes.

However, a new study from the expert team at International Living said a city on Spain’s Costa del Sol is the best hotspot for retired Britons.

Sally Pederson, of International Living, said: “Spain has something for everyone. Whether you prefer the bustling city life of Madrid, the beach paradise of Alicante, or the historical grandeur of Granada, you’re sure to have a wonderful retirement experience.”

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Spain’s best cities for retired expats

  1. Malaga
  2. Madrid
  3. Barcelona
  4. Granada
  5. Seville
  6. Alicante
  7. Valencia

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Malaga topped the list and the stunning city on Spain’s Costa del Sol has plenty to attract retired Britons. An International Living spokesperson said: “Malaga is a lively, coastal city offering retirees a combination of rich culture, stunning architecture, and a warm, welcoming community.

“Located along the beautiful Costa del Sol, one of Malaga’s most significant selling points for retirees is its fantastic climate, with over 300 days of sunshine a year. Spots like La Malagueta Beach provide opportunities for relaxation and water activities. The city also offers a bustling culinary scene, active markets, and a vibrant nightlife, making it a well-rounded and captivating destination.

“Despite the stunning weather and beautiful beaches, Malaga is also known for its vibrant mix of cultural heritage and as the birthplace of the renowned artist, Pablo Picasso. The city’s rich history is evident in its well-preserved landmarks such as the Moorish Alcazaba fortress and the Roman Theatre.”

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Spain’s capital was the second best destination for retired Britons and it was also recently named as one of Europe’s best cities for Britons working remotely.

Seville is another fantastic option for retired Britons seeking sunshine and is popular for its climate, food and friendly residents. However, the southern city could prove too hot for some with soaring temperatures expected to rise over the coming years.

If expats are looking for a cheaper retirement, they could consider one of Europe’s best value cities, an Eastern European hotspot often known as “Little Paris”.

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