The Beverly Hills Hotel Just Gave Its Spa a Stunning Makeover — Here’s How It’s Even Better Than Before

The Beverly Hills Hotel Spa

After seven months of renovation work, The Beverly Hills Hotel Spa is ready to welcome guests once again.

On Feb. 5, the hotel will open its doors to guests looking to indulge in spa treatments that will leave them completely renewed. And truly, they'll get that just by walking into the refreshed space, which comes adorned with the same muted pastel color palette the hotel has become so well-known for.

The Beverly Hills Hotel Spa

Walking into the cream, pink, blue, and emerald green space will make anyone feel lighter. However, they can leave actually lighter thanks to some of the forward-thinking spa treatments now available. That includes classics like the deep tissue massage, alongside the Uma Oil massage, a "delightful Ayurvedic-inspired massage" using an Uma Oil blend of the guest's choosing. Benefits, the spa says, include "the relief of fatigue, enhanced complexion and lustrous skin while also promoting sleep and longevity," something we could all use right about now.

Or, those who need to be "red carpet ready" can book an Oxygen NuBody Perfection that will "provide immediate results in only ninety minutes with visibly firm, tightened, and toned skin from a NuBody microcurrent device." Looking for something a bit more Californian? Book the Leef Wellness Massage, a full-body massage using "soothing cannabidiol Leef Revive balm and jade massage tool to relieve your trigger points and soothe your aching muscles and joints."

The Beverly Hills Hotel Spa

And that is just the tip of the iceberg for treatments that also include facials, nail care, and more.

At the facility, guests can also relax pre- and post-treatment in the relaxation room for a quiet moment of reflection, or spend time in the steam showers located in both the men's and women's changing areas.

The Beverly Hills Hotel Spa

Beyond the spa, the Polo Lounge and Cabana Café officially re-opened their doors on Feb. 1 for outdoor dining. The Fountain Coffee Room, Bar Nineteen12, and gym will remain closed. Its pool will remain open to hotel guests only. To book a stay, or to book a treatment, visit The Beverly Hills Hotel website now.

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