The world’s most beautiful country is ‘breathtaking’

Even the most urban destinations have incredible pockets of natural beauty, such as London’s many green spaces. But according to a new ranking from SportsCoverDirect, one country is the most beautiful in the world.

Most beautiful countries in the world (SportsCoverDirect)

  1. Japan
  2. India
  3. Italy
  4. Thailand
  5. Indonesia
  6. Mexico
  7. Australia/Spain/Turkey
  8. Canada

Japan was the winning country and was trending as a holiday destination across Google search, Instagram and TikTok.

While Japan is at the forefront of technical innovation, the country’s natural beauty is incomparable.

Standing at 3776m high, Mount Fuji is one of Japan’s most incredible natural wonders. Thousands of people climb the volcano each year but tourists could try one of the smaller peaks nearby to experience it from a distance.

A tourist ‘blacktown2017’ wrote: “Unforgettable experience. Breathtaking view, we were lucky with the weather to enjoy the stunning view of Mount Fuji with its full reflection on the lake.”

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Japan’s peak travel season is usually cherry blossom season when countless numbers of trees erupt into a kaleidoscope of colour.

Local residents often take part in hanami parties to celebrate and admire the blossom. The blossoms usually only last for one or two weeks so tourists will have to move fast to catch them.

Japan’s highest waterfall, Nachi-no-taki, stands at 133m high and is one of the country’s natural wonders.

People believe that drinking water from the dragon’s mouth at a nearby shrine, Hiro-jinja, can enhance the length of your life.

Tourists could also check out Japan’s hot springs in northern Hokkaido or get lost in the mystical forests of Yakushima.

Beach-lovers might want to fit in a trip to Kabira Bay where glass-bottom boat tours offer a glimpse of the area’s impressive reefs.

India grabbed second place on the list and is also home to an incredible diverse range of natural beauty.

From the beaches of southern Varkala to the Himalayan foothills in Rishikesh, it’s not hard to see why India placed so highly.

Italy took third place and was the highest-scoring European destination on the list. While the Lakes at Como and Amalfi’s beaches probably helped Italy take third place, the country also has a few lesser-known sites of natural beauty.

The Dolomites in northern Italy are breathtaking in winter and summer while Piedmont’s rolling hills seem never ending.

The UK didn’t get a look on in the list but popular summer destinations, Turkey and Spain, came in joint seventh place.

Asia dominated the top five rankings with both Thailand and Indonesia among the world’s most beautiful countries.

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