This Small Mississippi City Will Pay You $6,000 to Move There

Two small wooden traditional American style houses with watertower in the background against a mackrel cloud sky in Natchez, Mississippi

In recent years, small towns and cities across the U.S. — and worldwide — have come up with a variety of schemes to attract new residents. In Italy, some towns are auctioning off one-euro fixer-upper homes, while last year, Topeka, Kansas, offered some hefty monetary rewards to lure people to the town.

Now, Natchez, Mississippi, is hopping on the bandwagon with a new initiative that offers remote workers an incentive package worth up to $6,000 to offset moving expenses and help with the first year's cost of living.

"It has been our desire that…Natchez be the first city in Mississippi to actually roll out an exciting and ambitious program for attracting remote workers and getting them to invest and relocate to Natchez," said city mayor Dan Gibson during a board meeting.

According to Forbes, the new program, known as Shift South, is geared specifically for remote workers whose employer is based outside of the Natchez region. To qualify, applicants must establish residency in Natchez or surrounding Adams County, buy a house worth $150,000 or more, and live in the home for at least a year. Remote workers will first receive $2,500 for relocation costs, after which they'll get a $300 monthly stipend for one year.

"The city of Natchez, Adams County, Visit Natchez, and Natchez, Inc. are all working together on something that will bring new life to Natchez and remote workers who have lost the luster for large cities and would rather be domiciled here in our jewel of a town," Gibson said.

The city currently has a population of about 15,000 residents and is a bit of a foodie destination, as the "Biscuit Capital of the World." Natchez is also known for its gorgeous historic homes, with more than 1,000 houses listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

To apply for the Shift South program, get all the details here.

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