Tourist issues warning after she’s fined £68 for little-known rule in Italy

A tourist has issued a warning for other travellers after she was issued a hefty fine for breaking the law in Italy.

Posting on Instagram, traveller ‘@leonoratraveldiary’, created a video to warn tourists not to make the same mistake.

She said: “We were fined 80 euros (£68) as soon as we arrived in Italy. Don’t make this mistake.

“If you use public transport, you need to validate your tickets after purchasing them. On train stations it’s a green machine, on buses it’s yellow.”

Tickets must be validated to travel on public transport in Italy. Tourists have to insert their paper ticket into the machine where it will be stamped.

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The tourist warned that 10 travellers were fined on her bus for travelling without a validated ticket.

However, many of the people who commented on the Instagram video were less than sympathetic towards her.

‘Bigdealbex’ said: “This is not a scam. This is absolutely common practice across many European countries. How would a conductor know you haven’t been using that same non-validated ticket for multiple rides?”

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Another person ‘claudiamirandolaa’ said: “How is that a scam when ‘please validate your ticket’ is written on the ticket?”

‘Aleaftolive’ said: “I understand it can be frustrating for tourists but when you venture out into another country, it genuinely is your responsibility to make sure you’re informed of how things work there.”

One person joked: “Beginners’ mistake. You don’t pay for trains in Italy, you just leave the train when you see the conductor.”

Tourists could also be fined for travelling with an unvalidated ticket in several other European countries so it’s always important to check the rules.

In Italy, tourists could be caught out by several unusual fines, including eating an ice-cream on a historic monument.

Meanwhile, tourists in Spain’s Costa Blanca region could be fined for purchasing counterfeit items under a new rule.

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