Travel expert gives hope for 2021 holidays saying Brits ‘can fly from March’

We all know how difficult it is to plan a holiday and it's become even harder with coronavirus in the equation.

But the good news for Brits is that the Covid-19 vaccine is currently being rolled out across the country.

So what does that mean for travelling in 2021?

A holiday expert has given fresh hope as he shared his travel advice for booking a holiday this year.

Brian Young, managing director at G Adventures, believes trips abroad will be back on the cards in just three months.

It's perfect for those who are buzzing to get away and do some travelling at last.

He told : "Travellers can confidently book now for travel from March onwards."

But this should only be done if booking with a holiday company that offers flexibility, just in case you need to make any amendments.

Brian added: "The most important thing when booking is to look for a company that offers flexibility.

"Recent months have shown that restrictions can change quickly, and having the opportunity to be flexible with your booking is key."

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Those who are looking for the best deals should also book now to make the most of savings.

Brian explained: "Now is a great time to book.

"Not only is it great to have something to look forward to when morale is low, but there are a number of great deals on offer."

Also the travel expert claimed no destination would be off the table either.

He detailed: "As we've seen through 2020, a lot can change in six months, with some destinations taking longer to open than others.

"But I wouldn't rule out any destinations so long as you have flexible booking options."

On the GOV.UK website, it states Brits must not leave home or travel, including abroad, unless they have a legally permitted reason.

The travel advice is constantly changing so it's worth keeping an eye on the government website.

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