Travel hits and misses: Ast Nathan


Just this year I took a trip to Europe with my partner, our first trip away together. We fell in love with Europe but, in particular, Croatia. It was such a beautiful country with rich history, crystal-blue water and scrumptious food. Another big tick for me was the shopping. There were so many small pop-up shops that sold things unique to Croatia — great for gifts back home. We travelled via Contiki on a boat along the coastline, which was something I’ll never forget. I highly recommend Contiki. The guides give you great tips and directions to the best local spots to eat and have a cocktail. If you are anything like us and a fan of

Game of Thrones

then you have to go to old town Dubrovnik — the Jesuit Steps (now famous as the Cersei steps) are a must.


On our trip back from Europe we stopped off in Hong Kong. I wouldn’t say it was bad, I just feel like it was a waste of a couple of days. I really wanted to see Sneaker St — it was on my list of things to do in HK but it kind of let me down. There weren’t too many shoes in my size and they weren’t really that discounted. I did enjoy all the anime and gaming merchandise around but it was hard to settle in to such a fast-paced environment with so much going on.

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