Tsunami Strikes Indonesian Tourist Area, Killing and Injuring Hundreds

More than 220 people have been killed and hundreds more are injured or missing after a tsunami struck West Java and Sumatra, Indonesia without warning Saturday night.

CNN reported that both residential and tourist areas were impacted, with some beachfront hotels and homes being swept away by the powerful waves.

The tsunami destroyed hundreds of houses and heavily damaged nine hotels and at least 60 restaurants.

LATEST: At least 222 dead, 800+ injured as tsunami hits #Indonesia coastal areas https://t.co/8TrUSbJ0zO pic.twitter.com/lVOJy5ljn5

Waves caused a stage to collapse at the Tanjung Lesung beach resort during a pop concert, killing at least one band member and the manager.

Dramatic video shows tsunami crashing into rock concert in Indonesia. pic.twitter.com/oqxfQ7y3zu

The tsunami was believed to be triggered by a combination of underwater landslides caused by the eruption of the Krakatoa volcano in the Sunda Strait, which is located between the islands of Java and Sumatra.

In addition to at least 222 fatalities, 843 people have been reported injured and 28 others were unaccounted for as of Sunday morning.

According to CNN, no foreigners have been found to have been killed.

Authorities in the country have told tourists and residents to stay away from beaches until Christmas Day, the Sunday Express reported.

“Please do not be around the beaches around the Sunda Strait,” said Rahmat Triyono, head of the meteorological agency. “Those who have evacuated, please do not return yet.”

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