UK holidays: Britons would rather have a hot tub than bring their dog away with them

Simon Calder offers advice on booking staycations for 2021

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Holidaymakers are firmly looking at staycations this year, with many trying to book last-minute holiday-lets around the country. Finding a home away from home can sometimes be stressful, with so many options and features available.

However, most tourists seem to be looking for the same things, with a bit of luxury, self-catering and ocean views all popular features.

The most desirable features Britons are looking for when booking a holiday property have been compiled by My Favourite Cottages and the results are in.

A hot tub leads the way, with holidaymakers keen on a soak when going away.

Holiday properties that are dog and pet-friendly also rank high on the list of attractive features.

Many Britons adopted dogs during the pandemic and are now looking to take their new pets away on holidays.

Since the start of the pandemic, 3.2 million UK households welcomed a new pet.

The key word “luxury” is also seen often, with Britons after a bit of a treat after a tough year.

Properties with a pool were searched almost 40,000 times, as Britons search for ways to make ethe most of their summer.

Also on the features’ list are private fishing lake and sea views, firmly cementing the luxury theme.

Unsurprisingly, “last minute availability” properties are extremely popular.

With so much uncertainty surrounding travel and holidays this year, holidaymakers are booking their trips at the eleventh hour.

The holiday-let trends are all in line with what was seen during the height of the pandemic.

With Britons spending more time in their gardens, hot tub sales spiked last year.

And despite the economic hardship that was anticipated, 43 percent of savers set money aside for a holiday last year.

Luxury has never been more accessible, or more needed, than this year.

The list of most desirable features for holiday-let is useful to property owners looking to let during the holidays, with a hot tub, for example, adding £200 of value for each weekly bookings.

For holidaymakers looking to book somewhere last minute, the list is a good way to know what everybody else is searching for.

The full list of most popular holiday-let features:
1. Hot tub
2. Dog friendly
3. Luxury
4. Pool
5. Last minute availability
6. Pet friendly
7. Private fishing lake
8. Sea view
9. Unusual
10. Self-catering
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