‘Ultimate travel trip to make your hotel room as cool as you’d like’

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than a hot hotel room, particularly when you can’t open a window to let air in.

In many hotels, you can’t change the temperature as it’s pre-set on the thermostat, meaning if you’re a hot-blooded traveller, you’ll be in for a clammy night.

TikToker, The Points Guy (@thepointsguy) has discovered a way to override the hotel thermostat and viewers are loving it. He explains: “Formerly named the ‘VIP’ setting, ‘LEN’ mode will allow you to set your thermostat to any temperature you want.

He explains: “First, hold down the display button, then the off button and then the upper temperature button.

“The screen should read ‘LEN’. All you have to do is push the arrow – and temperature – down.“And then you can make it as cold as you want. Enjoy!”

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@thepointsguy This is the ultimate travel hack to make your hotel room as cool as you’d like this summer #travelhacks #hotel #fyp ♬ Warm Nights – LAKEY INSPIRED

It’s a Godsend for those who have spent hours trying to work out the hotel room thermostat.

Viewers were impressed. One wrote: “As a flight attendant this is priceless information”

Another confirmed: “Can confirm this works, used it a few weeks ago in Vegas!!

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One happy viewer wrote: “YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I travel for a living, and this is such a pet peeve of mine. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this!”

A viewer said: “Yes! used this hack today at a hotel near the world… It’s so hot it feels like the surface of the sun and this Disney worked like a charm! thank you!”

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