Warning of unusual illness some tourists get on holidays in Paris – ‘hallucinations’

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Paris is commonly known as one of the world’s most beautiful cities. The French capital city often charms visitors with its incredible architecture, romantic cafe culture and dazzling Eiffel Tower.

However, some tourists claim to suffer from an unusual illness when they visit the famous City of Lights.

On TikTok a girl posted a video of herself at the Eiffel Tower. Crying and laughing she said: “I hate it here.”

TikTok user Jacob Brainerd replied saying: “There is actually a named medical illness called Paris Syndrome that people get.

“People who have this giant, fantastic idea of how great Paris is and it’s so disappointing when they get there that they actually get sick.

“If you look at the symptoms it says stuff like hallucinations. Imagine hating Paris so much that you started hallucinating.”

As strange as it might sound, some tourists really do suffer from Paris Syndrome when they visit the city.

The condition has affected Japanese tourists in the past and according to the BBC, 12 Japanese tourists have to travel home each year due to Paris Syndrome.

Japanese psychiatrist, Professor Hiroaki Ota, first identified the syndrome and the Japanese Embassy even has a hotline for sufferers.

Many tourists travel to Paris with a romanticised image of the city, often based on popular films.

However, many are sadly disappointed if they discover that Paris isn’t quite what they were expecting.

Many visitors say that the city is a lot dirtier and smellier than they expected. Parisian residents also have a reputation for rudeness.

For some tourists, the disappointment is just too much to handle and they can suffer physical symptoms.

Symptoms include acute delusions, hallucinations, dizziness, sweating and feelings of persecution.

Reviews on Tripadvisor for Parisian attractions including the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe complain of excessive crowds.

One person said that noisy ‘car honking’ ruined their experience while another said they saw rubbish on the streets.

However, many tourists love the French capital and recommend that everyone visits the City of Lights.

Paris isn’t the only city disappointing tourists. Several of London’s top attractions have been judged harshly by visitors.

A new study found that Buckingham Palace was the worst value attraction in the UK with many bad reviews.

Stonehenge and the London Eye were also judged as bad value by disappointed visitors to the UK.

Meanwhile, the Spanish city of Barcelona is the holiday destination where tourists are most likely to fall victim to pickpockets.

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