WATCH: Dramatic moment enormous wave blasts woman in shock viral video

  • Bali tourist was posing for a photograph by the cliffs off the coast of the Nusa Lembongan island
  • An enormous wave slams into her and completely engulfs her as onlookers scream
  • Incredibly she escaped with only minor injuries, as subsequent footage shows 

A Bali tourist was filmed being blasted off her feet by a powerful wave in a shocking video rapidly going viral. The alarming clip was filmed on the rocky coast of the Nusa Lembongan island. It shows the woman posing for a photo by the sea as strong waves crash onto the cliffs. Just as she is smiling for the camera an enormous wall of water smashes into the tourist.

Bali tourist blasted off her feet by giant wave in shocking viral video

The wave completely engulfs the woman and knocks her off her feet, hurling her into the cliffs.

She completely disappears from sight as the water hits her – and onlookers can be heard screaming in horror.

Incredibly, the tourist escaped relatively unscathed in the alarming incident.

She sustained only injuries in the ordeal, according to Shanghaiist.

A second clip sees the soaked woman being tended to and there appears to be a cut on her shoulder and a bruise on her elbow.

The video was shared by Chinese news outlet People’s Daily and is going viral on Chinese social media.

It was also shared by local account Bali Life with the caption: “WARNING WARNING! Please like and share this video so more people understand how dangerous it is to stand this close! Please stop and be careful! You still have an amazing view 20m from the edge.”

Nusa Lembongan island is famous for its huge waves. After the surf, there’s a mist which hangs in the air – earning the spot the nickname ‘Devil’s Tears,’ according to

A traveller on TripAdvisor has also warned fellow tourists of the dangers of the wild location.

“We were there one week ago and there are absolutely no warning signs that every area beyond the immediate vicinity of the parking area is extremely dangerous,” the TripAdvisor user posted.

“We were coming from Dream Beach walking along the cliffs towards Sandy Bay beach. Nowhere near the edges but a giant wave swept our children against the rocks requiring our [10-year-old] son to be taken to hospital with serious cuts requiring several stitches,” the user added.

“Apparently there is a warning sign at the parking area but we never seen/passed it.”

At the weekend the neighbouring Indonesian island of Lombok was struck by an earthquake which claimed the lives of two people. 

The 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck at Lombok’s popular waterfall site, the Tiu Kelep waterfall, Senaru Village, north of Lombok.

They hit at around 2.07pm local time on Sunday, while the 5.2-magnitude aftershock also destroyed about 500 homes before causing the landslides.

Around 40 Indonesian and Malaysian tourists were visiting the tourist attraction at the time.

There is no official warning against travelling to Lombok but the UK Government has warned tourists to “exercise caution.”

They stated on their official website: “A number of areas across Indonesia, including in Central Sulawesi, Lombok and the Sunda Strait, are continuing to recover from the impact of earthquakes and/or tsunamis in 2018. If you’re travelling to affected areas, you should exercise caution, particularly around damaged buildings and the most affected areas.”

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