WATCH: Plane passenger dubbed ‘hero’ with extreme solution to face covering

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Flights see all sorts of plane passengers board the aircraft. Some are keen to follow the airline’s rules while others rile against them. There are a select few, however, that put their very own spin on the measures.

This appeared to be the case for one traveller.

A video of the jet-setter has gone viral after being shared by Instagram account passengershaming.

It shows a man wearing a very unusual choice of attire.

He is following the current rules to wear a face-covering – but has opted for a unique solution.

The flier has donned a fighter pilot helmet.

The grey helmet completely covers his face and head and black goggles protect his eyes.

A tube snakes down from the mouth area – but it’s unclear if it’s attached to anything.

To complete the fighter pilot image, the traveller is wearing khaki trousers and what looks to be a brown leather jacket.

Instagram users have been quick to comment on the video – although it’s unclear how seriously the man was taking the look.

Some people were impressed with the man’s intriguing choice.

“I’ve been wanting to do this or dress up as a plague doctor so bad this guy is a hero,” one wrote.

“Best thing I’ve seen all day! THIS is how we get on a plane in the next year! another commented.

A third said: “Now there’s a cool guy!”

Some Instagrammers weren’t quite so convinced.

“Lots of questions as a flight attendant!! What is his oxygen source?” one said.

“If it is not approved and on his reservation, it is not allowed. Could be a very dangerous situation for inflight!!”

“Someone needs attention,” another commented.

A third quipped: “Like bringing a full set of clubs to play mini-golf.”

One person was particularly critical, writing: “Weirdo on a plane.”

Others stuck up for the passengers: “Hey he’s got a mask leave him alone,” one retaliated.

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