Weird reasons people were kicked off flights in 2022 – from corsets to monkeypox

There are many reasons why you could be removed from a flight before departure.

Airlines often have their own rules about behaviour and can choose not to let someone board the plane if they fall foul of them.

Aggressive, drunk or dangerous passengers are the most likely to be taken off a flight – whether by the crew or the police.

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But, it seems in 2022 there were also a number of unusual reasons why holidaymakers were barred from flying.

In July last year TikTok poster Jacy claimed she was told to change her corset top before boarding a flight as it could be “offensive" to others.

She had arrived at the airport in California in a pink lacy corset top.

Jacy said she was told the airline is a "family company" and that "some people" may find it "offensive".

She added: “Are we in high school? Are you upset about my shoulders? It's 102F (38C)? My torso is fully clothed?

“And it caused a scene because some sweet lady stuck up for me and then got kicked off the flight.”

Jacy said she was told to cover up and wear a t-shirt.

A month later, in August, a young woman claims she was kicked off flight because of her eczema.

Jacqueline Ngu was boarding a plane when she was asked to provide medical proof that the appearance of her skin was caused by eczema.

Eczema is a non-contagious skin condition which causes dry, flaky skin, redness and sometimes weeping sores.

The creator wrote: “They had me get off the plane in front of everyone along with my wife to interrogate me about the eczema I’ve had my whole life.

“They asked me to provide medical documents and told my wife to watch her attitude.

“I’ve never been so humiliated in my life.”

She claims they were going to bar her from the flight if she could not prove she had eczema and not monkeypox.

They stated: “We were able to board the flight again after I presented a tube of my prescribed eczema cream and my wife called out the CRO on being discriminatory (which is when she was told there was no need for an ‘attitude’).”

Meanwhile, just a month ago business owner Hanna Olsen, 36, was journeying from Manchester to Cape Town for a holiday.

She flew from the UK to Istanbul where she had to change for the second leg.

She asked to read the in-flight meals ingredients as she has a mild nut allergy that leads to her feeling sick and itchy.

She said: "I asked for an ingredients list for the meals they were serving, as I had on the flight from Manchester.

"My allergy is mild; it is not airborne.”

However, she claims the crew then made her sign a blank piece of paper to say the airline wasn’t liable for any problems that may occur.

Unfortunately, it seems this wasn’t enough as the crew returned and said that the pilot refused to take her on the flight.

She added: "I got really upset, it was embarrassing and dehumanising. I was crying and other passengers were getting annoyed as the flight was delayed.”

Have you ever been banned from a flight? tell us why in the comments…


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