Women burst out laughing as they discover ‘hilarious’ view from hotel room

A pair of friends visiting Edinburgh, in Scotland, were left howling with laugher after noticing the view from their hotel room. Many of us would expect an impressive view across the city perhaps featuring its gothic architecture and rambling streets – but sadly that’s not what they saw.

Catherine Round and her friend Jane ventured to the city to see The Killers and had booked a room at the Princes Street Premier Inn.

When they arrived, the duo were left in stitches. Catherine told EdinburghLive that she booked the room with a window anticipating a beautiful view. But, when they got there they noticed that the entire large window was covered in a frosted film.

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So, the window did let in sunlight, but stopped them seeing anything clearly. Catherine said: "We were there on Tuesday for the Killers concert, just overnight from Newcastle. It was fantastic.

"We thought it was hilarious and as I am in the 'view from your window' group, decided to post it on there I didn't imagine it would get such a reaction."

The duo posted the amusing snap on a Facebook group where it quickly went viral with thousands of likes. She added: "Someone more nosey than us had picked off the corner [of the film] so we saw what was behind."

Thankfully, it seems they weren’t missing out on much. The film wasn’t covering any spectacular views of the castle or streets – instead it was simple a block of grey metal generators.

She said: "I would say the room was great despite the 'view'!" The pair are not the only ones to be disappointed in the view from their room recently.

On TripAdvisor, a hotel guest in the Scottish city there for Edinburgh's comedy festival was shocked to realise a building site outside their window began work at 6.45am. They claimed there was a building site right outside their building for their stay – and work apparently began "less than 10 metres from the window" first thing in the morning.

They stayed at the Leonardo Hotel Edinburgh Haymarket, where prices begin at £160 a night throughout August – with some days costing as much as £302.

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They wrote: "First impressions of room was very positive, very large. Could do with a couple of easy chairs, there was plenty of space but nowhere to sit and read or have a coffee other than the bed."

Things took a turn for the worse after the couple looked out their window, and noticed what was happening right outside. They added: "Not just overlooking a building site, but an active participant in the building programme.

"The crane in the photo started work at 6.45am, less than 10 metres from our window. To be honest, my main gripe was that returning to the hotel at just past 11pm, having passed all the pubs full of festival goers, we thought we would have a nightcap in the hotel bar to be informed that the bar had closed at 11pm."

Premier Inn was contacted for comment.

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