World’s best country for vegans is a ‘dream destination’

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Busuu researched the best destinations for vegetarians and vegans. The team looked for countries with a wide selection of vegan restaurants to find the best destinations.

Best destinations for vegetarians and vegans (Busuu)

  1. India
  2. Israel
  3. Taiwan
  4. Germany
  5. Poland
  6. Australia
  7. USA
  8. Thailand

India topped the list of best destinations for vegans and vegetarians, facing off tough competition from around the globe.

Busuu said: “It’s not difficult finding vegan or vegetarian options in India, as approximately 30 percent of Indians follow a plant-based diet.

“It’s a dream destination for foodies who wish to take their taste buds on an adventure. The entire country is full of food markets and restaurants that offer diverse and richly-spiced authentic dishes.”

Around eight in 10 Indians restrict meat in their diet according to Pew Research statistics. Religion often plays a part with almost 95 percent of Jains identifying as vegetarian and 45 percent of Hindus.

Some regions of India are more likely to have a high percentage of vegetarians with Rajasthan and Gujarat in the lead.

Rajasthan is home to many of India’s top attractions including Jaipur’s astounding Amber Palace and Hawa Mahal.

Israel was named the second best destination in the world for vegetarians and vegans due to the country’s huge range of vegan restaurants.

The most popular street food in Israel is the vegan staple, falafel and hummus, while bourekas, spinach and potato filled pastries, are easily found at food markets.

Taiwan took third place in the rankings and around 14 percent of the country identifies as vegetarian.

Many Buddhists follow a vegetarian diet and non-meat options in Taiwan include tofu and faux meats.

Although Germany’s penchant for sausages and schnitzels might make its inclusion on the list a surprise, the European country is a leading producer of meat substitutes.

Plant-based diets are also soaring in popularity in Poland and the USA leading to an influx of vegan restaurants.

Thai cuisine is centred around fresh vegetables and many dishes can easily be adapted to suit a vegan diet.

Busuu said: “One of the best ways to experience foreign culture is through food, and vegan and vegetarian travellers should not have to miss out on that because of their dietary requirements.

“In vegan-forward countries people following a meat free lifestyle don’t have to worry about finding places that accommodate their diet, as there is an abundance of restaurants and markets that offer plant-based authentic food to feast on.

“The list of vegan meccas includes formerly meat-loving countries that have adopted the new veganism trend, and also those whose traditional cuisine is already largely made up of plant-based dishes.”

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