World’s tallest woman boards first flight as airline rips out seats to make room

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    Turkish Airlines adapted one of their planes to allow the world’s tallest woman to fly to San Francisco.

    Rumeysa Gelgi, 25, from Turkey, was named the tallest living woman by Guinness World Records in 2021.

    Usually, the 7ft 0.7in web developer uses a wheelchair and walker to get around.

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    Her incredible height is due to Weaver Syndrome – a rare genetic condition that causes bone overgrowth and often causes tall stature.

    Rumeysa had never flown before as she was too tall to fit in normal airline seats even when she was younger.

    However, in September, Turkish Airlines ripped six seats from its air carrier and replaced them with stretcher to allow her to board.

    A specially-made stretcher was installed allowing Rumeysa to fly to California in the US.

    The 7ft woman spoke about the experience on Instagram and noted: “A flawless journey from start to finish… this was my first plane ride but it certainly won't be my last… heartfelt thank you to each and every person who has been a part of my journey.”

    It is believed that Rumeysa undertook the journey to progress her career in software development.

    However, she will also be working with Guinness World Records while in the States.

    Rumeysa has a long-running relationship with Guinness as she has held a whopping five records in her short lifetime.

    In 2014, she was recorded as the tallest living teenager.

    Earlier this year, she collected records for the longest finger on a living female, the largest hands on a living female and the longest back on a living female.

    Rumeysa’s longest finger measures an incredible 11.2cm and her left hand measures 24.93cm.

    The average hand measures just 17.23cm, according to Healthline.

    Rumeysa is the first person to be diagnosed with Weaver syndrome in Turkey and is only the 27th confirmed case in history.

    She uses her platform to advocate for other people who also have rare medical conditions.

    She said: “Being different is not as bad as you think. It can bring you unexpected success.”


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