You can now visit a giant golden vagina statue in Thailand for good luck

Thailand is famous for its incredible temples, but one shrine has become quite the hotspot recently, thanks to a giant golden vagina.

Locals have been flocking to a Buddhist shrine in Nakhon Ratchasima province, to worship the 4ft-tall golden replica of female genitalia, in the hopes that it can help with luck, fertility, beauty and finding love.

It's been dubbed the 'fortune' vagina and has reportedly been built by a cultist, Buddhist nun Naowaratkotchaporn Simethawong or 'Mother Brahmin'.

The anatomically correct statue is engraved with prayers, and is surrounded by eight smaller vaginas. Meanwhile a a stone snake with seven heads has been built under a mango tree to 'guard' the sacred lady parts.

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The golden vagina isn't the only eye-catching shrine. Locals have also built a matching golden penis surrounded by eight smaller penises to complement the selection of vulvas on show.

The golden genitals have become such a hit that local council chief Kanatchon Sijaroen was joined by a team of his staff and several policemen to inspect the items on May 22 and ensure they comply with local rules.

As a result, the new items have been moved to a different location within the complex.

Kanatchon Sijaroen said: "We want to ensure the shrine complies with the moral standards. We ordered them to remove signs that might be vulgar. It was also found to be disrespectful to have a Buddhist shrine so close to genitalia statues, so we have ordered that to be moved to a new position."

After the inspection, the shrine continued to operate, and the followers were allowed to pay respect to the vagina statue.

However, a large Buddhist statue that used to stand between the vagina and the penis was ordered to be relocated to a different area in the shrine to avoid 'being disrespectful' to the religious monument.

Anyone who wants to visit the vagina statue to pray and do a special ceremony will need to fork out 500 baht (approximately £11.61).

Mother Brahmin added: "I believe that we should pay respect to the genitals because they represent the origin of life and abundance in the world. It is not strange or unusual. Despite this, I am willing to cooperate with the government to address any concerns."

For Brits looking for a genitalia-themed trip, then London's first sex restaurant may fit the bill, where you can enjoy dishes such as a giant bowl of pasta with a dildo in it.

Daily Star reporter Layla Nicholson headed to the bizarre restaurant, and admitted: "The pasta was enjoyable but difficult to consume when there's a huge dildo looking back at you."

She added: "Nothing says 'sex restaurant' like decorative vases with moulds of vaginas imprinted on them and obnoxious neon lights instructing to lick things.

"It was difficult to get away from the moulds of vaginas and penises of all sizes hung for all to see.

"And there was a mirror in the shape of vulva paired with embroidery of kinky sex acts above the seating areas.

"Even the table legs appeared phallic in shape – but maybe that's just my gutter brain."


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