Celebrate 60 Years of Instant Ramen with New Ramen Tour of Japan

WHY IT RATES: This unique cultural tour, which includes tours of ramen shops, private cooking classes and more, offers a fascinating look at a popular food that is consumed around the world. —Mia Taylor, TravelPulse Senior Writer.

Ramen has become synonymous with Japanese cuisine as a rich dish containing layers of complex flavor and a fascinating history with Momofuku Ando’s invention of “Instant Ramen” dubbed the greatest Japanese invention of the 20th century.

Zicasso’s NEW 11-Day Ramen Tour of Japan: Celebrating 60 Years of Instant Goodness unravels the threads connecting the post-WWII development of this cuisine (spurred by a rice shortage and a surplus of flour through trade with the US), the invention of ‘Instant Ramen’ and the cultural history and distinct regional specialties of Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Sapporo, and Hakodate.

This tour also uncovers the four classic broths of ramen and the social norms and settings of enjoying ramen while exploring some of the most iconic locations in all of Japan.

Beginning in Tokyo, home to over 5,000 ramen shops, travelers will be introduced to the central flavors of ramen broth in the region while also enjoying a private cooking class focusing on soba noodles (a distant cousin of ramen) and sampling the regional specialty of shoyu (soy sauce broth) ramen.

While in Tokyo guests will also have a chance to visit the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum, which highlights the history of the ‘instant cup of noodles’, celebrating its 60th anniversary this year!

In Fukuoka travelers will be introduced to the regional specialty tonkotsu ramen, known for its pork bone based broth. A stay in Sapporo includes an introduction to the region’s miso-based ramen as well as the famous beer museum while the final stop in port-city Hakodate reflects the area’s unique international influence and popular salt ramen.

Highlights of the 60th Anniversary Ramen Tour

Explore the four classic broths of Japanese ramen including shoyu (soy), shio (salt), miso, and tonkotsu (pork) broth made from scratch in their distinct regional origins, while learning the differences in flavor, viscosity, and use of toppings

Discover three award-winning ramen shops to explore the intricate and diverse flavors of ramen and the current trend of “neo-ramens”

Relish on crafting your own ramen from scratch during a private cooking class specializing in making noodles, savory broth, and accompanying gyoza

Bask in the complex, layered flavors of Fire Ramen, a dish specific to Kyoto and renowned for its delicate smoky taste

Learn the art of crafting handmade soba noodles during a private lesson that will demonstrate the importance of connecting with the ingredients

Craft your own flavor combinations with a personalized cup of noodles when visiting the Instant-Noodle Museum

Wander through Sapporo’s historical Noodle Street, an alleyway hosting 17 different ramen shops specializing in the remarkable miso bases and seafood broth

Visit the Sapporo Beer Museum to follow the timeline of Japan’s most famous beer (often enjoyed with a bowl of ramen) and sample the different drafts crafted at the local brewery

Journey through some of the most iconic landmarks in Japan from UNESCO World Heritage Sites to ultra-modern settings

Pricing begins at $5,989 per person based on double occupancy, includes 10 nights in premier accommodations with breakfast included, six privately guided tours including private ramen tour with a ramen expert; ramen and soba cooking classes, two domestic flights, two Bullet Train tickets, six lunches and two dinners, access to attractions, private airport pick-ups and transfers, 24/7 hour support.

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