TravelPulse Q&A: What Agents Need to Know About Be Live Hotels

With properties in destinations throughout the world, including Spain, Morocco, Colombia, Portugal, Cuba and the Dominican Republic, Be Live Hotels offers affordable opportunities for travelers to Be Lovers, Be Family, Be Pro or whatever else they want to be.

Most importantly, though, guests of these resorts are encouraged to feel free to Be Themselves.

These properties are placed in destinations with stunning scenery, and they provide visitors with swimming pools, spa access, cozy suites, delicious cuisine and more.

Marien Mesa, Promotion & Sales Coordinator with Be Live Hotels, shares what type of clients will love these properties, how the company works with travel agents and more.

TravelPulse (TP): What type of travelers does Be Live Hotels attract?

Marien Mesa (MM): These hotels are great for travelers who like to enjoy excellent beaches and 24-hour all-inclusive services. Those who are interested in enjoying day and night entertainment will find it at these properties, all with excellent services. They are excellent destinations for trips as a couple, friends or together with the whole family—since our hotels offer something special for all ages.

TP: What should travel agents keep in mind when booking their clients at one of these properties?

MM: We have options for customers who are looking for destinations for adults only and family hotels. There are also packages with VIP areas exclusively for families and 5-star hotel options.

TP: How does Be Live Hotels work with travel agents and what benefits do agents have when working with this company?

MM: We have the Travel Agent Portal of Be Live Hotels: Agents can earn competitive commissions and can offer their clients the best online price, guaranteed.

There is also a net price system: you get a commission as soon as you close the sale. Other benefits include:

—BE LIVE TRAVEL FRIENDS REWARDS: Our exclusive Loyalty Program for Travel Agents where you can exchange points for stays or Amazon gift cards.

—Book YOUR vacations at a discounted rate.

—Be the first to know about our changes, product additions, news and specials.

—Request Be Live merchandising and collateral material for your showcases, open houses and special sales events.

—Take advantage of our marketing tools and solutions to create your own ads. Share them on social media or print them out for distribution.

—All the tools you need in one platform and with a single access key.

—Coming soon! Training and online certification as a Be Live Hotels Specialist through our Be University Program.

—Constant specials and promotions to ensure you make the best profit margin. Use your membership to sell and earn more.

TP: Will visitors have a similar experience at all of the resorts or does each property offer something different?

MM: Each property is different because we have different categories: Adults-Only, family, VIP areas, etc., but your clients will have similar experiences in terms of quality of services. Everyone will experience an all-inclusive vacation with guaranteed entertainment.

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