Cruise guests complain about ‘terrible’ WIFI on cruise ships

A cruise holiday can be a fantastic chance to get off the grid and escape the drudgery of daily life. But that’s not ideal for every guest.

Cruise guests have taken to Reddit to complain about the “terrible” WiFi on cruise ships. Guests usually need to pay extra if they want WiFi.

When the ship’s out at sea, guests won’t usually be able to use their mobile’s data roaming service. Even if it does work, passengers could face a hefty fee from their mobile network.

British tourists are particularly at risk of high charges as many mobile networks don’t offer free roaming in the EU.

A guest ‘diverdawg’ wrote on Reddit: “Without expectation in my experience [the wifi] is terrible.”

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Another passenger ‘bluGill’ said: “Barely acceptable at best. You can send emails. However, video chat is out. Normally text messages will work, but there will be times when they don’t work either.”

‘Iroll20s’ said: “Bad enough that I wished it didn’t exist. When you have bad internet, you waste so much time. I’d rather just be out of touch and present than have s***** access.”

Another guest said: “Don’t count on being able to do mission critical work or do video meetings. You don’t want to count on it.”

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Guests who decide not to purchase a WiFi package could connect to free WiFi’s at cafes or restaurants in the destinations they visit.

However, public WiFis aren’t always secure so guests should be careful about connecting in public spaces.

Despite the issue with cruise WiFi, many guests said the situation had improved since ships started using Starlink.

Starlink is a satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX and can be used on some cruise ships. Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises are just of the lines already connected to Starlink.

A passenger said: “Starlink honestly has been revolutionary. Nowadays you can absolutely work aboard a cruise ship as long as they’re running Starlink.”

Cruise guests will still need to decide whether a WiFi package is worth the money as hidden extras on a cruise ship can quickly add up.

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