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Hello Training and Leadership

Over the last few months Helloworld Travel has embarked on an expansion of their Learning & Development opportunities and programs by offering their agents face to face training in areas of negotiation, selling skills and leadership.

Over 160 consultants have so far attended the specifically tailored skills-based course entitled The Art of Conversion. The course covers the steps of the sales process with particular emphasis on the customer experience, building strong relationships and the value that is add by being the Travel Professional.

Helloworld Travel is currently running Leadership training around the country focusing on Goal Setting, KPIs and Performance Measurements for Teams for agents across the Branded and Associate networks.

National Training Manager Kelley Matson taking agents through the specifically designed training courses for HLO agents.

Julie Primmer, Head of Branded Network at Helloworld Travel commented on the importance and value of these bespoke in-house training development opportunities. “These courses really provide vital assistance to our networks of owner managers to
identify the gaps in their business and to encourage and allow them to acquire the tools they can use to fill the gaps and make their business more profitable.” Julie said.

“These courses and the timing of their delivery is designed to help agents hit the ground running for the financial year ahead.” Added Kelley Matson, National Training Manager, Helloworld Travel Limited.

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